Marc Anthony y Nadia Ferreira
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Marc Anthony visits Paraguay for the first time alongside his fiancee Nadia Ferreira

Ferreira is in her native country to pass the crown to the upcoming queen, Miss Paraguay 2022

Marc Anthony and his fiancee Nadia Ferreira received a warm welcome upon their arrival in Paraguay. As soon as they landed on Paraguayan soil, the local media swarmed around the beauty queen, also known for being the first runner-up in the last edition of Miss Universe.

Ferreira is in her native country to pass the crown to the upcoming queen, Miss Paraguay 2022. Amid these receptions, the couple has shown their dance moves in a recent video shared by Nadia, where they appear to be dancing very happily to the rhythm of Paraguayan folklore.

Nadia Ferreira y Marc Anthony©@nadiatferreira

Excited to teach Marc a little about her traditions, Nadia shared a video on social media in which she is seen with her future husband and his sister, Yolanda and Antonio Hendricks, a very good friend.

To the rhythm of “Viajando Voy” from Tierra Adentro, the lovebird showed how they complement each other and that they have a lot of grace to dance. Nadia was visibly excited as she was back in her country, which she hadn’t visited for a while.

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Nadia hopes this is not the last time she visits her homeland with her future husband. “I am thrilled. I hope it is the first of many,” she said. For the interpreter of “Vivir mi Vida”, this would be his first time visiting the South American country.

©nadia ferreira

Proud of her roots

The 23-year-old model is originally from Villarrica, a town located in the center-south of Paraguay. In a recent interview with HOLA! USA, the model, spoke proudly about her origins. “I am a guaireña. We people from Villarrica call ourselves guaireñas, so from Villarrica, Paraguay, my childhood (was) very beautiful”. In fact, Nadia speaks the dialect of her country, which is Guarani. “I love speaking in Guarani, our language.”

On the possibility of getting married in her land, surrounded by her people, Nadia commented that they were still unclear about the ideal scenario for her “big day.” Would they get married in Paraguay? “We don’t know; we still don’t know,” she replied.