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Juan Gabriel’s Instagram seems to be teasing new music ahead of the anniversary of his death

Conspiracy theorists are going to love this

Juan Gabriel passed away on August 28, 2016, at the age of 66, but there might be new Juanga music on the way. The official Instagram account for Gabriel, which was created in 2014, has shared two posts to an otherwise blank grid: a photo with the word “Ya,” along with a short video clip with the same word, and music.

Fans of the late singer have since been questioning what the posts mean in the comments. “Do you plan to revive?” Reads one of them. “I’m glad you’re back,” another wrote.

Others speculated it was new music on the way, “It’s just a Juanga song he never released,” one person wrote. “New album?” asked a fan.

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If his estate is releasing new music, we may see it on the anniversary of his death, which is just weeks away. The singer passed away from a heart attack, but as we covered in 2020, there has always been a conspiracy that Gabriel is still alive. While Gabriel’s son Iván Aguilera has always shut down the rumors, there are probably still a few people that think Juanga is going to come out of hiding and back to life.

It won’t be the first time an artist releases music posthumously. Selena Quintanilla’s family is gearing to release a new album by the late singer, with some new songs using computer software for her voice. They released a remixed single for “Como Te Quiero Yo A Ti,” this week, which divided the internet.

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