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Camilo shares the funny story of how he asked Ricardo Montaner to marry Evaluna

In an interview, Camilo shared he was very nervous to talk to Montaner, who predicted his question.

Camilo and Evaluna are one of the world’s most beloved couples. The two, who married in 2020 and gave birth to a daughter in April of this year, often make videos and music together.

In an interview, Camilo shared how nervous he was to discuss his plans to marry Evaluna to her father, Ricardo Montaner.

In an interview with the Spanish radio station Cadena Dial, Camilo shared the story of how he asked Montaner for Evaluna’s hand in marriage. “The day I asked for Evaluna’s hand in marriage was very funny and curious. We were on a farm that the Montaners had on the outskirts of Miami and I said to myself, ‘Well, here I go.’ Evaluna had left us alone to do therapy and I stayed with Ricardo,” relayed Camilo, explaining that the minute they were left alone he suddenly got very nervous and that Montaner started to look at him like he knew something was up.

“We sat down and he looked at me and I was green with nerves and I said, ‘Montaner, I have to talk to you,’ such a horrible and scary phrase,” he said. Camilo says that Montaner instantly knew, saying “Look, when I asked Marlene’s hand in marriage to her father and her brother.”

“I thought ‘how did he know what I was going to ask?’ I didn’t say a single word, he just said everything. Afterward, he made it clear I didn’t have to demonstrate anything to get married to Evaluna.”

Camilo and Evaluna are currently on tour and will soon start performing in North America. The two have shows scheduled until September, where they’ll move on to the UK and Europe. Ricardo Montaner recently shared a tribute to his daughter and granddaughter, letting them know how much he missed them since they’ve been away. The posts feature photos and videos, with a caption that reads “I miss you.”

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