Denise Bidot

Denise Bidot’s fans thank her for posting an ‘authentic’ bikini picture

No photoshop needed

Denise Bidot is proud to show her body without any filters or editing. Last week the model shared a gallery of photos soaking up the sun in Malibu in a leopard bikini and Balenciaga hat, and she looked amazing. Several of her fans appreciated her for sharing a photo of her natural body and curves.

With today’s beauty standards, editing apps, and filters, a lot of celebrities will tweak their photos, therefore giving off an unrealistic idea of what women’s bodies should like. “love the authenticity,” one person commented on her picture. “Thank you for normalizing society’s ‘abnormal,’” another wrote.

Bidot has opened up in the past about her struggles to be a curvy model in the industry. When Bidot started modeling in 2006, “there were no un-retouched images coming out,” she told Cosmopolitan. “Everything was this ideal of perfection, and even though we were curvy, we were still very much trying to fit that sexy, accepted body.”

After booking a lingerie gig, she tried to figure out ways to hide her curvy figure. “Next thing I see is the stylist kind of re-doing my rack, which, I mean, was pretty clear...I tried my hardest and it didn’t work,” Bidot told the outlet. “They stopped me mid-shoot and were like, ‘Wait, we don’t think you’re working out for lingerie.’”

There are a lot of celebrities that try to normalize cellulite, like Lele Pons. In April, the funny singer shared a photo with a positive message to other women feeling insecure about their bodies. “Embrace your cellulite. exposing myself ! i’ve always been super insecure when it comes to my cellulite! i try to hide it as much as i can and edit them out,” she captioned a post that included a closeup of her legs. “But today im not gonna do it! This is my natural self. Who cares if others judge… Embrace who you are and be confident,” she concluded.