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Serena Williams regrets not wearing a daring skirt designed by Virgil Abloh

Williams discussed her partnership and friendship with Abloh, who passed away last year.

Serena Williams discussed her friendship and relationship with Virgil Abloh. In a video, she talked about one of his boldest designs and how she wasn’t ready and didn’t feel “brave enough” to wear it on the tennis court.

The 30-minute video was made by Vogue and it’s a tribute to Abloh, featuring memories and dedications from some of his biggest collaborators. Serena Wiliams discussed her experiences with him, and how he always pushed the envelope in terms of fashion, with bold and inspiring ideas. “I still kind of regret not doing what Virgil told me to do,” she said. “He wanted me to wear this long skirt with the crazy train, and then a cape with a train, and then just walk out on the court. And I’m thinking, ‘Virgil, I like fashion, and I like pushing the envelope, but this — I just don’t think I can do this.’”

Later, when the two met again, Williams told him that she’d made a mistake. “I just wasn’t brave enough to go out there in all the red clay, and just walk out in this train, of like, a Met Gala at the French Open,“ she said.

Williams and Abloh first collaborated together in 2018, when Abloh designed a collection with Nike in honor of William’s legacy and work. The two remained in touch since, both being fans of the other’s work.

Abloh passed away in February of 2021 after a battle with cancer. He was 41 years old. His death rocked the fashion industry, with many of his friends and collaborators honoring his work in different ways. “Virgil was so much more than a collaborator, he was a friend, an innovator. I really wish I wore the magnificent skirt he made for me in 2018. You saw it before me Virgil, we will keep your legacy alive,” Williams wrote on her Instagram.

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