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Courtney Love regrets supporting Johnny Depp in Amber Heard trial: ‘I don’t want to bully’

“Was it a genuine, expression of support for someone whose been a wondrous presence in our lives?” she said about her daughter Frances Bean Cobain.

Courtney Love is expressing regret after publicly supporting Johnny Depp in the controversial defamation lawsuit with his ex-wife Amber Heard, following a series of videos posted online, where the musician praised the actor for his friendship and his presence in her daughter’s life, including one time when “Johnny gave me CPR in 1995 when I overdosed outside The Viper Room.”

Now the ‘Hole’ singer is apologizing for her opinion on the videos, explaining that they were posted “accidentally” and not meant to be shared and seen by her fans and followers on Instagram.

“I engaged in expressing thoughts online. The platform accidentally posted a story I didn’t want public (I’m sure it was not deliberate),” Courtney wrote, declaring that she wants to “show neutral support for a friend.”

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Courtney Love and her daughter Frances Bean Cobain

“I dont want to bully. I’ve been bullied enough. I did not want to express my own bias / internalized mysoginy,” she added, remarking that it was a “genuine, expression of support for someone whose been a wondrous presence in our lives,” in reference to her daughter Frances Bean Cobain.

She also commented on Amber Heard and the opinions shared by fans of the actor online, “I want nothing to do with contributing more online bullying to someone enduring being bullied like none ever has been online. Ever.”

Love concluded by saying she “certainly don’t always do the right thing” adding, “If I hurt anyone, please accept my amends. Back to my offline life.”

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