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Shakira shows off her TikTok dance moves on ‘The Tonight Show’

“You’re Shakira, it’s not fair!”

You probably already knew Shakira is a better dancer than Jimmy Fallon, but it’s still fun to see them battle it out.

The Colombian singer stopped by The Tonight Show this week to talk about her new job as a judge on the upcoming NBC series, Dancing with Myself. In honor of the show, Shakira showed off her dance skills in the form of a dance battle against the show’s host in a segment titled, “Watch It Once TikTok Challenge.”

During the show, the musican joined Fallon in replicating two trending TikTok dances, one choreographed to “Jiggle Jiggle” by Duke and Jones with Louis Theroux and one by Shakira herself.

Even though she knew she would probably win, Shakira provided an important lesson before starting the battle: “I’ve learned something, never underestimate your enemies, so I know I have to be careful here.”

In the end, she came out victorious, but she still had some kind words for Jimmy.

“You’re Shakira,” Fallon said. “It’s not fair.”

She responded, “I’m very impressed by you. It wasn’t bad at all.”

Following the hilarious dance-off, the star went on to discuss her latest single, “Te Felicito,” with Rauw Alejandro. She explained to the late night host why she doesn’t put out new music very often, saying that her priority is her kids. But, she added, “when I do it, I focus. I had to dedicate like three months to just prepare the video.”

“Te Felicito” dropped following “Don’t Wait Up,” a song Shakira released last summer, which saw her experimenting with futuristic electro-pop production just like the Rauw collab. She is currently working on her next studio album.

Dancing With Myself is set to premiere on NBC on May 31.

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