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Elsa Pataky talks about being an action star and inspiring her daughter to be ‘strong’

Pataky is the lead in “Interceptor,” the new Netflix action film.

Elsa Pataky knows that being an action movie star is tough. The actress is jumping back to the big screen after a break where she focused on motherhood and is excited to get back to work. In a new interview, she discussed the difficulties and rewards of juggling parenthood and work.

Pataky was featured on the cover of Marie Claire Australia. In the interview, she discussed her upcoming film “Interceptor” and how tough it was to balance her roles as mother and actress. She also discussed how impressed her daughter India was with her performance in the film, a tough role that asked for stunts and for a strong physical presence, something that has long been associated with her husband Chris Hemsworth, who’s one of the world’s leading action stars. “I loved being able to show [India] that nothing can stop you just because you’re a girl. You can be strong, you can do whatever you want. It used to be difficult to get these roles, but now it’s opening up. It was such a good opportunity to show her that.”

Pataky also explained how, in order to be able to work, she brought in her mother, Christina Pataky, to their place in Sydney. “My kids are used to me being at home, picking them up and things, but now I will be at work – which is something lots of people do! I really wanted this opportunity. And it’s not that bad, right?” she said.

In order to get ready for the shoot, Pataky had to go through military-style training for a period of six months, with some sessions lasting up to six hours a day, getting her body ready for the stunts and the look that she had to embody as the lead. “I’ve seen how much Chris works, and every actor who does these sorts of films,” she said. “This would be my challenge.”

Elsa Pataky and Chris Hemsworth married in 2010. The two have three children together, India Rose, and twins Sasha and Tristan.

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