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Sofia Vergara & Thalia invest in platform for Latinx influencers

Vergara and Thalia are some of the investors of Influur, an app created by Latina women that connects celebrities and creators to brands.

Sofia Vergara and Thalia are some of Influur’s most important investors. The app, which facilitates the relationship between advertising and social media influencers, was developed by four Latina women, and has amassed recognition and support in a short span of time. The company announced their new partners this Wednesday, April 20th, where they also informed their followers that they’d pooled $5 million with the purpose of expanding their reach in Latin America and the U.S.

In a statement, Vergara said she was proud to be working with Influur, especially since it’s a company developed by Latina women. “Influur is a wonderful example of the power of young, smart, entrepreneurial Latina women, working together and supporting each other in the tech and influencer marketing industry to build something amazing. I couldn’t be more proud of the opportunities the Influur platform is bringing,” she said.

Influur has the support of a variety of notorious latinx celebrities. While Sofia Vergara and Thalia are some of the leading names, the list includes industry leaders like Tommy Mottola and Lex Barrero, and influencers and celebrities like Juan Pablo Zurita and Evaluna Montaner.

Influur is a Miami based start up founded by a variety of women with prestigious places in the industry, including the Chief Executive Officer and former CNN journalist Alessandra Angelini, Chief Product Officer and data analyst Valeria Angelini, Chief Operating Officer and Emmy-nominated journalist Paula Coleman, and Chief Influencer Officer Fefi Oliveira, who has appeared in Nickelodeon and Netflix programs. “Influur was born from the communication struggles between influencers and brands, an experience we’ve all had at some point in our careers. Together with my co-founders, we created a streamlined solution built from the influencer perspective. This makes Influur the first platform where influencers feel they belong in a professional space,” said the CEO.

Influur is a company that facilitates the influencer marketing process, helping people kickstart their business in ways that are simpler and more effective, featuring payment, negotiations and more in a single digital space. In it, brands can post their advertising opportunities while influencers can apply, connecting people and solidifying business transactions within hours. While the service is currently operating on an invitation only basis, it’s growing and expanding. People can sign up to a waitlist on their website.

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