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Amara La Negra© @amaralanegraaln

EXCLUSIVE: Amara La Negra announces the birth of her twins

The artist confirmed the news to us and revealed that she has remained away from the spotlight, enjoying time with her daughters

APRIL 6, 2022 6:32 PM EDT

The baby boom is at its peak! Amara la Negra recently announced the exciting news of the birth of her babies. The actress exclusively shared her first statements with HOLA! USA since becoming a mother, revealing that she has been away from the spotlight, enjoying the first days of motherhood. “I am super happy, excited, under the radar, here enjoying my girls.” Amara, whose real name is Diana Danelys De Los Santos said. The new mom also shared the news with her followers on Instagram.

Amara La Negra© @amaralanegraaln
Amara la Negra proudly boasted the arrival of her babies

On Wednesday, Amaras shared a photo on Instagram while in the maternity ward announcing what apeared to be the girls' date of birth: "3/23” she wrote in the caption tagging the IG account Las Royal Twins. The singer looks beauiful and excited to welcome her twins while wearing a cap and a surgical gown, looking at the camera with a big smile.

Amara La Negra© @amaralanegraaln
Ready for the best role of her life: being a mother

However, Amara's caption caused a bit of confusion among her followers in regards to if it was the twins birthday because just a week ago, on March 30, she shared a video of an ultrasound of the babies with the caption, “We Are almost Ready to Meet The World.”

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 The   news of the birth comes a week after the identity of the baby's father  was revealed. The singer waited for the final stretch of her pregnancy to reveal that she procreated the girls with Allan Mueses, who was her partner during the recording of the Love & Hip Hop Miami series .

In the interviews that Amara gave to various media such as Despierta América (Univision), she made it clear that she was not afraid of being a single mother. “I am not afraid of being a single mother, what I do is that in my perfect world, I waited all this time, in my 30's, to have my children because my vision was to get married in my white dress, have my husband, have a family, do it well”, she told Francisca Lachapel a few months ago. "It's not that I'm doing it wrong, because I think it's a fantasy, an illusion that isn't given to everyone and that doesn't prevent you from being a good mother or having a good home," she added.