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Naz Perez’s ‘90s inspired Oscars look was award-worthy: who is the E! News correspondent?

The latina says she loves using fashion as armor

The 94th Oscars was truly an unforgettable night, filled with fashion, awards, and a slap heard around the world. Will Smith and Chris Rock aside, there were a lot of wonderful things that happened on Sunday, like the dress E! News Host and correspondent Naz Perez chose to wear.

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Perez tried on nine different dresses before finding the perfect Marma Halim gown. The Dominican-American told DailyMail, “Since I’m a ‘90s girl and we’re seeing ’90s and Y2K fashion pop up everywhere, I wanted my first look to be ‘90s supermodel meets Oscars.” “I love the Halim dress so much because I’m not one to wear big princessy gowns so I feel like this was a perfect middle ground for me,” she continued.

Naz Perez©NazPerez

It was the host’s first time covering the Live From E!’s Brunch and Oscar red carpet TV coverage, and she told the outlet she loves using “fashion as armor.” “Sometimes I think as humans we can be afraid to take up space when we’re doing something for the first time and this dress physically takes up space, so it helps me in that way mentally” she explained.

How she prepared for the Oscars

Perez started her Oscars prep two weeks before. Already a “pretty clean” eater, Perez makes sure she’s “extra hydrated.” “I eat pretty clean for the most part and drink close to 135 FL oz of water a day. I like to be extra hydrated so my skin is glowy and my body feels fit,” she told DailyMail.

The 32-year-old said she prefers Alkaline water because it’s good for bloating and drinks 135 fluid ounces a day leading up to an award show. She also stays fit and active, “I workout 5x a week: three times with my trainer Nikki Keeshin, and on the other two days I’ll take two tennis lessons with my instructor Jeremy Mitchell for cardio,” she told the outlet.

She also keeps her mind healthy with meditation, “For my mind, I meditate every morning for 10 minutes and visualize myself on set having fun. I’ve also just recently tapped into EMDR therapy to get my mind right, and I’m loving it,” the producer added.

Naz Perez©NazPerez

Who she is

According to her website, Perez is a South Florida native who “genuinely enjoys long walks on the beach.” She started in production on Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show before producing for E!’s Live from the Red Carpet and the E! True Hollywood Story docu-series. She then went on to produce five seasons for The Bachelor franchise.

Perez left reality TV in 2017 and pursued a career in front of the camera, hosting for Rotten Tomatoes, Fandango, The Los Angeles Dodgers, and more. She is also the founder of a support group for those experiencing heartbreak called Heart Broken Anonymous. She told People Chica working on The Bachelor franchise, she learned more about heartbreak than about love.

“As far as heartbreak goes, I learned that a lot of us put our own sense of self-worth in the hands of another person. And that can lead to heartbreak. But ultimately, the people the audience related to most were the people on the show who were most vulnerable, and most visibly heartbroken, and that taught me just how universal heartbreak really is,” she told the outlet.

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