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J Balvin worries about his health while his mother is still hospitalized

The singer had a relapse and explained the medical care he received

The last couple of days have not been easy for J Balvin. The singer is still very worried about the health of his mother, Alba Mery Balvin who has been hospitalized for several days for Covid and related complications. She was recently transferred to Intensive Care and Balvin has never been apart from her, standing by her side. However, these worries are beginning to take a toll on him, after days without a good night’s sleep.

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“This has been a dark week,” he wrote in one of his most alarming social media stories. In the post, he appeared on a gurney as he was being transferred to another wing of the hospital. For a couple of hours, his fans were worried about him, not knowing what was going on. When things got better, he reached out again to his community.

“Right now I’m at the hospital, they are giving me an IV. I’m tired, and they told me this happened because I didn’t sleep, but it’s nothing serious,” he said in one of his stories. The singer went to see his mother again, concerned about her health and hoping that she would get better soon so that he could take her home. “One more night. More prayers and prayers for everyone who is going through something similar,” he wrote in his posts.

J Balvin also worries about his health

During these last days the fans of José Álvaro Osorio - the real name of the Colombian singer- have noticed how tired he looks, with swollen eyes, and low spirits. However, despite everything, he is committed to taking care of his mother, as he expressed in his recent stories: “Here what matters most is my mom. Thank you all“.

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In the midst of this situation which has his entire family worried, Balvin sent a message to his father. “Respect for my father for enduring this moment, we are united,” he wrote. The star showed that his family just like him is looking out for his most loved person, all hoping that everything will improve so they can leave this nightmare behind.

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