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Paris Hilton opens up about her relationship with her mom Kathy: ‘It felt traumatic to speak about’

“During the show was when we started going to therapy together. I know that she had no idea what was happening,” Paris shared.

Paris Hilton is opening up about her relationship with her mom Kathy Hilton, following her 2020 YouTube documentary, where the heiress revealed she suffered abuse after being sent to the Provo Canyon boarding school in Utah in 1996.

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Now the reality star and entrepenur has shared she has been going to therapy with Kathy, and it has definitely improved their communication, declaring it has been “really healing” for them both.

“It was definitely hard to talk to my mom about everything that I went through, because it felt traumatic and painful to speak about. So, we had never talked about it,” Paris said, referring to the difficult situations she faced in her childhood.

During a recent episode of ‘Paris in Love,’ the mother-daughter duo talked about the sensitive subject, revealing they would also have individual therapy sessions and joint equine therapy.

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“During the show was when we started going to therapy together. I know that she had no idea what was happening, just like every other parent who sends their children to these types of schools,” Paris continued, “It was really healing for both of us to finally talk about that, and lift that weight off my shoulders before I got married and moved on to the next phase of my life.”

The heiress, who recently married Carter Reum, showing all the details of the wedding in her reality show, explained that talking about the traumatic experiences she suffered has been positive and “healing.”

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