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Adamari López, hospitalized for COVID-19

The TV presenter revealed that her six-year-old daughter Alaïa is also infected with the virus

Adamari López took social media to confirm l that she had tested positive for COVID-19. The nerve-wracking news immediately raised concern to the tv host which had a bad experience three years ago when contracting influenza.

López, which is a cancer survivor, took severe measures to take care of herself and, alongside her medical team, decided to get hospitalized and receive a special treatment that would help her fight against her symptoms.

Hola, hola, mi gente linda. Quiero compartir con ustedes un poco de este difícil proceso que he vivido desde que di positiva para el Covid-19. Les mando un abrazo a todos y gracias por sus oraciones🙏🏼

Posted by Adamari Lopez on Monday, January 17, 2022

“Taking the necessary precautionary measures and talking to my doctors and my medical team, we decided to get hospitalized and treatment because of my symptoms,” Adamari explained in a video.

“Remember that about three years ago I had influenza and I was in feeble health, in a challenging state and with the concern that the same thing would happen to me again, having symptoms that could be similar, we made the decision to go the hospital,” she continued explaining from the comfort of her home.

The Hoy Día presenter assured her fans that she feels better and said that she thought it was a bad cold when the symptoms began. “My chest is not tight; all the congestion I had has been diminishing... I already came home, I am still positive for COVID-19, according to the tests I did, but I feel much better. The treatment worked very well for me,” she added. For now, Adamari waits for the virus to pass and that two of her tests come out negative before resuming her personal and work life in front of the cameras.

Alaïa also got infected with the virus

When Adamari informed her social media community that she had tested positive, her fans became very concerned not only for her health but also for her six-year-old daughter, Alaïa. In this new update of her case, the Puerto Rican explained that her daughter was also sick, and she could have infected her.

Adamari López©@adamarilopez

“Alaïta is fine. She, I understand, was the one who gave me COVID-19. We believe that she may have caught it at one of her school or extracurricular activities because she was the first one who presented symptoms,” she recalled. “The day after she felt bad, we tested her, and she came back positive. The others we did after came out negative, and then I came out positive,” she revealed.

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