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Justin Bieber goes to church in an extremely oversized outfit and gets a parking ticket

Good thing there‘s no mention of parking tickets in the 10 commandments

Justin Bieber may be a man of God but that didn’t stop him from getting a parking ticket. The singer attended a service in Beverly Hills at the Churchome church and if you aren’t familiar with the area, Beverly Hils does not play when it comes to parking restrictions.

Justin BIeber©Justin BIeber

While getting a parking ticket can completely ruin a person’s day and wallet, they are usually around $65 which is basically pocket change for Bieber. The singer wasn’t parked in the red in the photos so he likely missed the parking signs that have restrictions or he wasn’t too worried about getting towed.

Justin BIeber©GrosbyGroup

Bieber wore a very interesting outfit to church that gave “little boy raiding their dad‘s closet” vibes. He wore oversized denim pants that were so big he had to lift them up, an oversized shirt, and an oversized beige cardigan. He also wore a bright beaded necklace, white sunglasses, and a teal beanie. What looked like tiny converse compared to the rest of his outfit stuck out under the jeans. The look could be inspired by his wife Hailey Bieber who has been rocking the oversized blazer look. Madonna’s daughter Lourdes Leon recently described the trend as, “All these b***es in these blazers three times their size.”

Bieber has been very open about how God has changed his life and his last album Freedom was heavily focused on his faith. It’s something he and his wife Hailey have in common. This year she told Insecure’sYvonne Orji during her “A Conversation With” segments on YouTube that their faith is “the biggest thing” that grounds their relationship. “If we didn’t have that, we wouldn’t even be here. We wouldn’t even be together,” she explained.

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