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Chrissy Teigen hires a tooth fairy plumber after dropping Luna’s down the drain

Teigen has bad luck with teeth

Chrissy Teigen doesn’t have the best luck when it comes to teeth. On Monday the 36-year-old was left panicked after she dropped her and John Legend’s 5-year-old daughter Luna Simone‘s tooth down the drain.  Luna doesn’t need the tooth anymore but it was the first one she has ever lost and she probably wants to put it under her pillow for some celebrity kid tooth fairy level cash. Plus, parents usually like keeping that kind of stuff. But Teigen wasn’t going to let the tooth go easy and she hired a plumber for the extraction mission. “Luna lost her first tooth and the tooth fairy PROMPTLY dropped it down the sink,” the model wrote on an Instagram story featuring the plumber.

chrissy teigen©chrissy teigen

The man fit for the job arrived with a camera to search the drain and they were actually able to find the tiny tooth. “Oh s**t we found it on the camera! Praise lord I was so sad,” Teigen said with an update.

chrissy teigen©chrissy teigen

Luna grew her first tooth back in November 2016 but no word on if it‘s the same tooth she lost over the weekend. At the time, her grandma (Teigen’s mom) Vilailuck shared a pic of the then 7 month-year-old with the caption “I got one tooth now.”

As far as teeth go, Teigen has made headlines in the past regarding her own. Back in 2019 she said she chipped one of her teeth while on Family Feud with the cast of Vanderpump Rules, “I can’t say if we won or lost family feud but we definitely brought a flask, I definitely chipped a tooth and there was definitely a record set,” she wrote on Instagram at the time.

And more recently, this year in January she left Washington DC where Legend performed for the presidential inauguration without a tooth. “I just lost a tooth in a Fruit Roll-Up,” Teigen said in an 8-second clip she posted to social media holding her tooth, which was stuck to the candy. She later clarified it was just the cap but she said, “I loved him like he was a real tooth.”

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