John Legend

John Legend unveils adorable tattoo in honor of his daughter Luna

Chrissy explained John almost backed out: “I went and got mine done (but) he never went and got his done!”

John Legend is showing how proud he is of being a father! The 42-year-old singer is sharing his excitement after getting the most adorable tattoo, designed by his 5-year-old daughter Luna.

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Chrissy Teigen previously revealed they promised to get their daughter’s artwork tattooed, during an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, “Luna was drawing on us one night, and she was like, ‘I love this. This is the best butterfly I’ve ever drawn,’ and I was like, ‘I agree,’” Chrissy shared.

“And then she drew a beautiful floral bouquet on John’s arm, and he was like, ‘I’ll tattoo mine if you tattoo yours,’ and I was like, ‘Well, I don’t wanna say it, but yours looks a lot better than mine.’ But we support the arts in our household, so …”

John went on to post the small bouquet of flowers on his right arm, admitting “It’s happening,” during a video with his tattoo artist, adding “Finally keeping my promise.”

John Legend©Instagram

Fans of the singer congratulated the singer for the beautiful ink, as he proudly captioned the post “New tattoo by @winterstone. Based on a sketch by Luna,” while the artist wrote on his Instagram “ART BY LUNA. A flower a day!!!”

Chrissy explained John almost backed out, “He took a picture of it and was like, ‘I’ll take this to Winter Stone, the guy who does our single needle tattoos, and I‘ll go get it done.’ I went and got mine done (but) he never went and got his done! But I love it, Luna! So much!“

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