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William Shatner’s space flight is getting its own Amazon Special

Shatner In Space

William Shatner went to space, and soon, you can watch his unbelievable voyage in real time.

The iconic actor’s trip to space on Blue Origin is going to be documented in the new Amazon special titled Shatner in Space, which is set to premiere on December 15 in the U.S., Canada, UK, Australia, and New Zealand. Other territories will be able to view the special in early 2022.

The Star Trek star announced the one-hour special on Sunday, during a virtual panel for CCXP Worlds.

According to reports from Deadline, Shatner in Space will give viewers an inside look at the before, during, and after of the historic trip that saw him become the oldest person ever to travel to space. At the time of his flight on Oct. 13,—alongside Chris Boshuizen, Glen de Vries, and Audrey Powers—he was 90 years old, making him the oldest person ever to go to space.

Shatner was one of four crew members on Blue Origin’s second manned NS-18 mission that flew to an altitude of 66 miles aboard New Shepherd, crossing the so called Kármán line into space, though not orbiting the Earth.

“My time in space was the most profound experience I could have ever imagined,” Shatner said about his journey in a statement. “This special documenting my journey gives a dramatic view of that experience, and my hope is that it inspires the world to see we must go to space to save Earth.”

He also posted about the special on Instagram, writing, “You may think you know where this is going but you *MIGHT* be wrong.... 😉Space...the final frontier...My new one hour special Shatner In Space is coming December 15th to @amazonprimevideo!!!!”

It’s safe to say he’s excited.

Around the time Shatner went to space, Tom Hanks revealed Jeff Bezos offered to take him to space before asking the 90-year-old, but he eventually passed on the opportunity.

“It costs like $28 million or something like that,” the actor said, explaining to late night host Jimmy Kimmel that Bezos asked him to pay, however Hanks has different priorities at the moment. He continued, “I’m doing good, Jimmy. I’m doing good, but I ain‘t paying $28 million.”

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