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Adele says her natural eyebrows make her look like Voldemort

That’s dubious but absolutely hilarious.

Aside from the great music, one of the best parts of Adele releasing a new record arer her appearances in a variety of shows and interviews. She’s very funny, managing to sneak in a hilarious joke every now and then that will be preserved for ages. She was recently a guest at Nikkie de Jager’s YouTube channel, which provides makeup tutorials. When discussing her eyebrows, Adele said that she constantly dyes them because if she doesn’t she looks like Voldemort.

The video, called The Power of Makeup, shows Adele getting her makeup on by Nikkie, who focuses on one side of her face while keeping the other side completely bare. Throughout the video, Nikkie asks Adele questions about herself and her new album, and the two have a little banter, allowing for the excellent Voldemort-Adele comparison.

“If I don‘t dye my eyebrows — these are dyed,” she said, poiting at her eyebreows,” then I look like Voldermort. They go so pale and blonde.” She then mentioned that there’s a photo of her leaving a Lady Gaga concert where she hadn’t dyed her eyebrows. “I look crazy, I look like an elfling or something.”

Adele also talked about her record and her favorite song, “My Little Love,” which she wrote for her son.

“It’s all about turning my life upside down at the age of 30,” Adele said when describing her record. “It’s kind of in order of events. But it’s just about getting to know yourself, really. Because it turned out, I didn’t know myself at all.”

30” was released on November 19th and was a critical and commercial success. In lieu of a tour, Adele announced that she’ll be completing a residency in Las Vegas, where she’ll perform two nights every weekend from January 21st until April 16th.

Per Billboard reports, “30” debuted in first place at the Billboard 100, and is the top-selling record of 2021 in the U.S.

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