Los Montaner: La tropa familiar en la cima de la popularidad

Exclusive: Ricardo Montaner and his family are on top of the world

From the privacy of their home in Miami, the family revealed what unites them, their success story and details of the next wedding they have at their doorstep.

Ricardo Montaner is immensely grateful for his more than four decade success as a musical idol. His entire family is committed to similar aspirations which is a source of pride for Montaner. Fun, creative, original and united, these are just some of the attributes of the Montaner “troop,” who are currently on the crest of the media wave due to their overwhelming amount of artistic activity.

The famous Venezuelan composer and his wife, filmmaker Marlene Rodríguez, opened the doors of their home in Miami with their children, Mau, Ricky and Evaluna, and their son-in-law, Camilo. The entire Montaner family have captured the attention of the world by topping the music charts with their catchy songs. Mau and Ricky’s duo work proves that they are the perfect composing team having written songs for artists including Ricky Martin,Juanes, and Thalía, among others.

Evaluna shines on her own. Apart from singing, her acting has stood out, especially when working with Oscar winner Reese Witherspoon in the movie “Hot Pursuit.” Currently, she plays the lead character in Nickelodeon’s youth series “Club 57,” as well as singing the show’s theme song. Camilo is a star whose work already has the necessary credentials to win a Latin Grammy for his success with ‘Tutu.’

Love runs true in the Montaner family. Ricardo and Marlene have been happily married for 31 years. The same luck is contagious as Mau is about to celebrate 3 years of marriage with the graphic designer Sarah Escobar. Evaluna and Camilo said “I do!” last year. Ricky is the next in line to reach the altar as he is engaged to Argentinian model Stefanía Roitman.

The Montaner Family©Luis Cano (OCA7 Producciones)
The Montaner Family
Ricardo, how do you transmit your experience to the boys? Do they ask you things? Do you let them discover the way?
Ricardo and Marlene have been happily married for 31 years.©Luis Cano (OCA7 Producciones)
Ricardo and Marlene have been happily married for 31 years.
What family plans do you have?
And everything remains in the family ... They already have two of their married children, Mau and Evaluna ...
Evaluna and Camilo, have you thought about having a child?
“Ricardo Montaner is the greatest example for us as a family. Our dream is to be like Dad”. [Ricky]
At the 2017 Latin Grammy Awards, Mau, Ricky, were nominated for Best New Artist ©Luis Cano (OCA7 Producciones)
At the 2017 Latin Grammy Awards, Mau, Ricky, were nominated for Best New Artist and Song of the Year for Vente Pa ‘Ca, in which they participated as songwriters.
Ricardo, are you ready to be a grandfather again?
How do you feel about the success of “Amen”, your latest musical release that you have done as a family?
Evaluna Montaner y Camilo Echeverry©Luis Cano (OCA7 Producciones)
Evaluna, who triumphs in music and cinema, and Camilo, the famous Colombian singer, were married a year ago: «Children? Not in the plans yet ... but soon. Dad already wants to », she confesses
“It’s the easiest thing in the world to be Mau and Ricky’s sister, Ricardo Montaner’s daughter and Camilo’s wife. It’s easy because I feel extremely loved.” [Evaluna]
Evaluna, you are daughter, sister and wife. Was it difficult to separate those roles?
As a family, what does Amen mean?

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