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The details behind Karol G and Anuel AA’s breakup: money, jealousy, and private planes

Karol revealed they were engaged in 2019

Last Friday it was announced that two engaged power couples in the entertainment industry called it quits. First, it was Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez, then it was Karol G and Anuel AA. Adding to coincidence there was even talk of a “third party” involved for both relationships! JLo and A-Rod have apparently gotten back together but it doesn’t seem like there is hope for reconciliation for Karol and Anuel. According to Tanya Charry from El Gordo y La Flaca, Anuel has made several attempts to reconcile with Karol and even got her parents involved but the Columbian is over it. Read all the juicy details about the split below:

Anuel AA and Karol G©@anuel
Anuel AA and Karol G

We’ve all heard the saying “you shouldn’t mix business with pleasure” and their relationship may be a prime example of why. Charry explained, “We talked on the show about infidelities, but jealousy of their professional successes was a great influence on the couple’s breakup, and Karol G is the one who made the decision to end it.” The couple collaborated multiple times and problems arose because Karol was being paid much less for her performances than Anuel. Of course, she began asking why when they are both super popular. Anuel allegedly opted to give her part of the money he earned to avoid conflicts.

Karol also began feeling suffocated in the relationship with all their professional plans. “She felt suffocated because the Boricua wanted them to tour together, make albums together and did not leave room for her to continue growing on her own.” There was also some drama with a private plane. Anuel allegedly lent his plane to Karol on many occasions and his management had to constantly remind him that the plane and the money he earned was apart of the company and he could not spend it that way.

It’s unclear if Anuel used his private plane but he even brought Karol’s Parents to Miami to try and convincer her through them. Anuel is insistent that they get back together but it all just became too much. In fact, she is supposedly ready to issue a press release making the end of their relationship official.

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