Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner gives her cat Moose a bath and is left with battle wounds

‘I’ve never met a nicer cat than this cat’

Jennifer Garner’s cat Moose who she says has an obesity problem had an accident on Tuesday. Thankfully for the furry cat, his human mom was ready to jump into action and get him cleaned. Unfortunately for Garner, she was left bloody after she tried to pamper him. “Something‘s gone awry,” she said at the start of the clip covering Moose’s ears. ”Moose pooped his pants. We can‘t live like this. He’s befouled!“ She said ready for the challenge.

“First of all, we have an obesity problem so please don’t make fun” she quipped as she put the leash over him and placed him in her kitchen sink. “Oooh, is that nice?” she asked Moose. “Oh, what a good cat!” It was a pretty impressive moment to see her easily put a giant cat into water but it was short-lived because once she started deep cleaning his butt with plastic gloves he used his claws and strength to climb out and on top of her. “What would my mom do?” Garner asked herself.

Eventually, she got whatever was stuck in his butt out and laughed her way through the pain. “I’ll never forget this as long as I live,” she said showing her bloody neck. But the loyal cat mom didn’t blame Moose and said it was all her fault. “I don’t blame him,” she said with love. Sadly for moose his fur won‘t be as silky smooth as it could have been because she forgot the conditioner.

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