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Former Bachelor Peter Weber shares his most embarrassing dating story: ‘everything I’ve eaten just starts pouring out’

The former Bachelor star is looking for love on Chispa

Peter Weber tried to find love on reality tv on season 15 of The Bachelorette and was later cast as the star of season 24 of The Bachelor. An engagement and failed relationship later the Cuban and German pilot is ready to swipe for love on the Chispa dating app, which is the largest dating app for Latino singles in the United States. HOLA! USA had the opportunity to talk to Weber about his hopes of finding a Latina that shares similar roots, and in the end, he told us a hilariously embarrassing dating horror story that involves Panda Express, and a lot of vomiting. Read the exclusive interview below.

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Peter is a certified ‘Guac Lover’ on profile

So you’ve matched on Chispa with your Latina queen. What is your ideal first date? Are you impressing her with your salsa moves? Paint me a picture.
Ah, I wish I could impress with some salsa mvoves, I still need to to work on that game. Dance wise, I’m a big line dancing fan, so I could take her swing dancing, take her, line dancing- a little two-step action. I could do a little impressing there. But for me, ideal first honestly, it‘s just something simple. I know it sounds crazy to say coming from the show world and all these extravagant things, but something that just allows us the opportunity to see if that connection’s there and just be invested with each other. And you know, like I say, lock eyes and hopefully feel the start of something beautiful happen. And that‘s the ideal first date.

So I definitely kept up with your season. I mean, not a lot of Latinas, definitely none in the top running. So what is it about finding someone who kind of shares Latin roots with you? Is that what is getting you excited about Chispa?
I think that‘s what I’ve been missing. I‘m sitting here like I can’t find love the normal way, I can‘t find love through reality TV- maybe this app is going to help me out now. What gets me most excited about Chispa is just the opportunity to connect and get the high odds of meeting someone who just understands like really, truly who I am and my background, where I come from, how, what family means to me, my roots. It sounds so easy to understand, but I guess you really don’t understand it unless you kind of understand that culture and you come from it too. And, you know, for whatever reason, like I‘ve dating amazing women, for sure. Obviously it hasn’t worked out with anyone yet, but maybe it’s just that- I have never dated a Latina. I can’t believe it. And so maybe that’s all I’ve been missing out on the entire time and she can teach me how to learn the salsa and life will be great. And all wil be good in the world again.

So you said you haven‘t really dated a Latina and you probably don’t have any problem meeting ladies in person. So what is about the dating app aspect? Do you feel like its getting that connection right when you see their face, is it just a little bit easier? Tell me a little bit about how you want this dating app experience to go.
Yeah, totally. I think honestly, I haven‘t used an app at all since the show. This is my first time doing it, but I have used apps a couple of years ago. But what I think an app like Chispa can offer you is- if you can have chemistry via texting and just like messages, like DMing, if you can have chemistry via that, that’s to me a huge sign, and that‘s only indicative of the possible real chemistry coming in person, you can’t fake that. I think everyone‘s had those dry conversations and it’s like pulling teeth and it‘s just like, one more than the other. You have to pay attention to that. And so that’s something that I plan on doing, and I‘m going to use to my benefit with the app. And I think it’s also a way to allow me to just kind of take it slow, do my kind of my due diligence and you know, really see if I feel like, ‘alright, there’s some potential here now, I‘m now I’m ready to to take the next step and meet them in person.‘ There’s a lot of benefits that can come from that. My brother and his fiance, they met on an app. So I have all the confidence in the world.

So one time I dropped an entire stout beer on someone I met within like minutes of meeting them on a dating app. Do you have a funny horror dating story?
So this is probably, I‘m gonna keep this short, this is a long story, but it’s my most embarrassing story I‘ve ever had and it was like a predate kind of thing, like where you’re interested in someone, actually it wasn‘t even just the two of us. It was me, one of my best friends and and this girl that I was really into and it wasn’t a date, there was a third person there, but anyways, long story short we‘re at Panda Express. We are eating, I get my normal order of chow main two orders of orange chicken. I got a Coke. Halfway done with the drink, halfway done with the meal. My best friend has a super power over me where he can always make the laugh on cue. And in front of this girl who I’m like crushing on. I‘m really like feeling and what not, like possibly see something moving forward if she was interested- long story short, my best friend triggers the thing, what it is he said makes me lose myself. Like I start laughing hysterically as I had just taken a sip. Well, now everything I’ve eaten just starts pouring out again. And I start really, really bad vomiting all over the plate of food and my red tray at Panda express. And I‘m laughing the entire time. I look like a complete idiot in front of this girl and she doesn’t really even know me that well. And I‘m just like throwing up laughing, feeling mortified. It’s prime time hour at Panda express. Everyone is just, the restaurant’s shut down now just staring at me. I finally finish up, got to get out of there ASAP. We‘re taking the tray poured into the trash. And that was that’s probably my most horrific- it beats the whole stout thing. I was absolutely mortified and I never went on a date with her after that.

Maybe you should hit her up, maybe she forgot. 
I don‘t know if anyone ever forgets about that. Until the day I die, I will never forget that story. And the worst part was too, as I was carrying the tray- this is so much TMI- a little bit of the throw up, spilled over on this guy shoes, he had white Reeboks on. I’ll never forget it splattered all over the shoe. I just didn‘t say a word. I just kept walking and just wanted to like go into a hole and just never come out again. It was bad.

Well that is epic. Thank you for sharing that story with me.

Adventures of Pilot Pete©Adventures of Pilot Pete

Aside from his quest for love, Weber has a children’s book that will be out November 23, 2021, called The Adventures of Pilot Pete. The book “will spark in children the same fascination with flight that Peter Weber (also known as Pete the Pilot from “The Bachelor”) found as a young boy. This book, Peter‘s first, is intended for children ages 4-7 and follows a young Peter, as his father inspires in him a love of airplanes.”

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