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Jennifer Lopez shares a beautiful selfie on Twitter

The photo was posted following reports stating that Jennifer and Ben Affleck remain committed to their relationship even when working in different locations.

Jennifer Lopez shared a gorgeous selfie on Twitter, wearing a multicolored jacket adorned with gems. She captioned the image with a set of star and heart emojis, referencing the gems in her jacket and her shiny outfit.

People were quick to reply to her tweet, mentioning how great she looked and even sharing photos of their fan art.

Hours before, an E! News report said that Jennifer and her boyfriend Ben Affleck will be spending some time doing long distance, as they’re both shooting films in different countries. The news outlet says that the two have been creating time to meet up with each other on the weekends, as JLo is shooting “The Mother” in Vancouver and Ben Affleck is shooting “Hypnotic” in Austin.

“They are both filming during the week on location, but they have met up whenever possible,” said an insider. “They are working out their schedules so that they can be sure to see each other every few days. Things are good between them, and they are staying connected. They are busy with their projects, but also making time to be together.”

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck©GettyImages
Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck captured walking in New York together.

Following their reunion this year, the couple has spent the majority of their summer cementing their relationship and blending their families together, splitting their time between New York and Los Angeles and supporting each other on their numerous projects.

According to Jennifer Lopez’s former publicist,Rob Shuter, their relationship is very serious. He claims that Jennifer and Ben’s commitment is palpable since they’re both attending each other’s events and supporting each other on red carpets. “I think it’s really exciting,” he said to Fox News. “I think those two are so special. [I believed] they would have always been together. It always felt to me that their love never got away. I was with her writing their [initial] breakup statement that went around the world – I wrote that statement. And when I was writing it, it just felt really sad.” He then said “I believe they had the right love, but it was the wrong time.”