Manuel Turizo and Rigo León Herrera©McDonald's
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Manuel Turizo and Rigo León Herrera join their talents to bring Ritmo y Color to McDonald’s

The famous fast-food company has just launched an alliance with Latino artists

Manuel Turizo and Rigo León Herrera are helping McDonald’s extend the summer heat. The famous fast-food company has just launched an alliance with Latino artists. The Colombian singer and Cuban visual artist based in Miami are the first to present Ritmo y Color McDonald’s, a project designed to celebrate the culture and collective pride of the Hispanic community.

McDonald’s will be wrapping restaurants with creative Hispanic art while bringing a good vibe to your living room with a series of free live concerts featuring some of the most popular urban music stars.

Art by Rigo León Herrera for McDonald’s©McDonald’s
Art by Rigo León Herrera for McDonald’s

Ritmo y Color McDonald‘s will begin in Miami on Thursday, August 19, with a unique experience. Unsuspecting fans will be surprised and greeted by the reggaeton singer and the muralist.

Manuel Turizo and Rigo León Herrera©McDonald's

In an interview for HOLA! USA, Manuel Turizo and Rigo León Herrera shared more details about Ritmo y Color. “This is a movement to highlight Latino art, especially all the Latino dreamers who are in the United States fighting for our dreams and giving our families a better future,” said the interpreter of “Antes Que te Vayas.”

“This is to celebrate that you can always do more and that no matter where you come from, you can always push forward,” added Rigo León Herrera.

Manuel Turizo and Rigo León Herrera©McDonald's
Rigo León Herrera bring Ritmo y Color to McDonald’s

According to Rigo, thanks to this opportunity, he makes a design printed on vinyl or decal for the first time. “The design is called ‘Havana Dreams,’ and it belongs to a collection that I have been painting and exhibiting for some time in different parts of the city of Miami,” said the artist. “This series is not only available in murals; it can also be found in paintings. My life inspires it in general, especially the things that have happened to me in the last 20 years, and the symbols that you can appreciate are part of that.”

León Herrera also told us that this and all of his art is available on his website. Fans can find a great selection of jewelry, clothing, and more.

This alliance will tap on everyone’s senses, from the visual, the touch, the taste, and the hearing; McDonald’sd’s will ensure that everyone has access to enjoy their favorite meal while dancing to the rhythm of Manuel Turizo.

Manuel Turizo and Rigo León Herrera©McDonald's

“On August 29 at 7:00 pm, fans will be able to access my virtual concert by entering,” revealed the artist. “This will be the first time that I sing on a stage designed by hand and designed by Rigo. We wanted to make this virtual concert different, and with subliminal messages behind the art, we will show on stage. “

Both artists said to HOLA! USA that all the elements that can be appreciated that night will be united and complement the music. “Music is a conductor of energy that connects us. I invite everyone not to miss it,” Turizo added.

As a curious fact, Rigo revealed that unlike McDonald’s restaurants lined with vinyl, he was in charge of painting everything by hand for the stage. “It took about 15 hours to paint, and we are very proud of what was done,” he said.

Rigo León Herrera©Rigo León Herrera
Rigo León Herrera

We all have memories or anecdotes about an experience lived at McDonald’s; according to Turizo, everything that has happened in the past no longer makes sense since this new opportunity is a highlight in his career and life. “After today, what I take with me is a great memory with McDonald’s. I am very grateful that this team has noticed me and values the work that I do and the one that Rigo does. It’s something that motivates us both. This starts with us, but it will continue to be done,” Manuel confesses to us.

For a while, McDonald’s is allowing diners to enjoy the go-to combos of our favorite artists. From J Balvin, BTS and Saweety, fans have been able to devour their meals. Curious about what would include a meal of Manuel Turizo and Rigo León Herrera, we asked them what we could expect if the company offered them the opportunity.

“If they let me make a breakfast meal, I would choose a McMuffin. That‘s my favorite McDonald’s dish,” Turizo said laughing, while Rigo confessed that he prefers chicken and would include nuggets. “An order of McRigoNuggets,” he joked.

In addition to takeovers at restaurants located in communities with deep Hispanic roots (Miami, Houston, and Los Angeles) and live concerts, McDonald’s full program will continue with the commitment to nurture and foster Latino pride from coast to coast and off the canvas to the stage.

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