The Saweetie Meal
Remix it

Top your Big Mac with ‘Saweetie ‘N Sour’ sauce: McDonald’s latest celebrity meal is here!

Currently serving in U.S. restaurants nationwide, the meal comes in fresh Saweetie-themed packaging

McDonald’s latest celebrity meal is here, and for limited time fans of the food chain could enjoy The Saweetie Meal. Currently serving in U.S. restaurants nationwide, the meal comes in fresh Saweetie-themed packaging.

Foodies now can devour the hip-hop hitmaker’s signature order, which features a Big Mac, 4-piece Chicken McNuggets, medium World Famous Fries, a medium Sprite, Tangy BBQ Sauce and “Saweetie ‘N Sour” sauce – the same Sweet ‘N Sour sauce you know and love, re-named in honor of the new meal.

The Saweetie Meal©McDonald's

Saweetie’s icy gang knows that she likes to put her spin on all her favorite foods to create unique combinations and flavors. Therefore, everyone who orders the Saweetie Meal can remix it in one of these four tasty ways, just like she does.

  • Fries can be more than a side. Add a little crispiness to your Big Mac when you top it with some fries.
  • If it’s a dip, it’s also a topping. Top your World Famous Fries with Chicken McNuggets —what could be a better combo?
  • Anything can be a sandwich. Chicken McNuggets + Big Mac buns = Chicken McNugget sandwich.
  • Seriously, anything. But you don’t need buns. Put the best fries in the world between two fresh Big Mac patties for a new kind of sandwich.
The Saweetie Meal©McDonald's

Curious about Saweetie’s latest collaboration with McDonald’s, HOLA! USA spoke with the platinum recording artist to talk about her menu hacks and her upcoming projects.

The Saweetie Meal©McDonald's
How did this McDonald’s collaboration come about? What are you most excited about?

I think it came about because of the concoctions that I normally do on my Instagram Live, and most of those concoctions are from McDonald’s, so I think that’s what piqued their interest. When the deal was brought to me, I was just so ecstatic.

Tell us more about your go-to order at McDonald’s?

After August 9th, it’s definitely gonna be the Saweetie Meal. That comes with the Big Mac, 4-piece McNuggets, medium World Famous Fries, a medium Sprite, Tangy BBQ Sauce, and “Saweetie ‘N Sour” sauce.

How does it feel to have a meal named in your honor?

It’s like a dream come true, like a fairytale. I grew up eating McDonald’s. I remember going past McDonald’s, and we’d ask to eat it, and my auntie or my dad or somebody would be like, ‘Y’all got some McDonald’s money?’ Well, now my face is on the McDonald’s menu, the store, and the packaging, so I’m just really excited about that. This is definitely one of those moments where I’m just super proud of myself.

We are going to be able to ‘remix’ the order. How did you come up with the idea?

Well, I love concoctions! There are two remixes that I’m really excited about. You could put the nuggets, the fries on the Big Mac, and you drizzle them with some sauce, or you could make some nachos, and you can put the fries and the nuggets in a nugget box, so there are many ways you can eat it.

The Saweetie Meal©McDonald's
What can you tell us about the commercial for the meal?

It’s like a fast-food fantasy. Hannah, who’s the director, she’s amazing. She directed this McDonald’s commercial, and it’s so Saweetie, but it’s so McDonald’s. It’s like if McDonald’s and Saweetie had a baby. We bring you into that world of what that collision would be like.

Will there be any special giveaways during the time the meal is available?

Yes, there will be! The kids have it so easy these days - all they have to do is download the app, place an order, and they’re automatically submitted into winning a trip to Vegas to watch me perform at a show. Everything is covered. They’ll also win a Brandon Blackwood bag for them and their bestie, who will be traveling with them.

It is common to see people eating McDonald’s french fries with ice cream in the Dominican Republic. What is the weirdest food combination you like to eat?

I like ramen seasoning on my oysters. Yeah, I think that’s the most interesting concoction I make.

Speaking of ice cream, we associate your name with something sweet. Although your McDonald’s meal doesn‘t include dessert, what do you suggest we eat after?

Definitely a McFlurry with extra Oreos in it. I love a McFlurry.

Saweetie Celebrates the launch of her signature order at McDonald's©GettyImages
When you are not eating or cooking with Paris Hilton, you are focusing on your music. What‘s next for you? Are there any exciting collaborations coming soon?

Actually yes! I have a lot of features coming out that are international, so I’m really excited about that. They’re not my songs, so I can’t give too much away, but I’m really expanding my brand outside of America. I’m really excited about those collabs.