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The dream

Jhay Cortez can hook you up with free French fries for life

Jhay will give fans a chance to prove they’re the most loyal with the World Famous Fan contest

Jhay Cortez is the latest celebrity to join the McDonald’s family. The chart-topping Latino artist is partnering with the company to celebrate the nationwide arrival of the all-new loyalty program, MyMcDonald’s Rewards.

Cortez is a big fan, and during his late-night recording sessions, a Big Mac is a must! Apart from celebrating the program’s launch, Jhay will give fans a chance to prove they’re the most loyal with the World Famous Fan contest. Participants will compete to score one million MyMcDonald’s Rewards points or free fries for life,

In an interview with HOLA! USA, Cortez also shared more exciting news and confirmed his participation in Premios Juventud.

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Tell us about your partnership with McDonald’s

Well, I am proud to collaborate with McDonald’s for this launch of MyMcDonald’s Rewards and serve as a judge to find the most loyal fans through the #MyMcDonaldsFanContest contest on Twitter. Obviously, I‘ve always been a McDonald’s super fan, ever since I was little. And for Latinos, sometimes we don’t have many resources to go to McDonald’s. It is like going to any restaurant; it is an occasion. We dressed well, and we behaved all week so our parents could buy us a Happy Meal, a McDouble, so it is super special for me. And obviously, a super important company, that I can get together with them and do something collaborative, it really is a pride.

If you were a meal from McDonald’s, which one would you be and why?

I would be the Big Mac straight up. Because of the sauce, it’s so good. Well, I would be the sauce exactly, not the Big Mac. It would be the sauce. (laughs).

Besides this project, are you working or releasing new music or an album soon?

Yes, yes. I’m releasing new music, a new album, new videos this month. I have a couple of videos coming out. There’s a lot of content coming out.

Celebrities like to venture into different areas. Are you planning to or thinking about launching a business?

Yes. 100%. I want to diversify, obviously. I don’t want to be at 50 years old singing. Hopefully, yes, I’m not saying no, but I want to learn to do other things and create jobs and get started in other areas. It doesn’t have to be music; it can be acting or business or signing artists or working with artists. Different. All I can do, I want to do.

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The pandemic and the quarantine have affected us all; how are you taking care of yourself, your family, and most importantly, your mental health?

Staying grounded with the people you have always been yourself: your family, friends, and real friends. You’re always going to ground yourself and stay the same when you have the same people around you. I believe that we are at a time where we need the support of everyone, and especially when we were separated for so long when it should not be. We are human beings, and we are used to being together and sharing, and I think that is very important to us. So I have stayed.

Will you be attending or performing at Premios Juventud? What can we expect from you that day?

Look, yes, we are going to be at Premios Juventud. I can‘t say exactly doing what, or with whom, but yes, if we’re going to be at Premios Juventud. So we’ll see everyone there, and we’ll have a good time as always. Stay tuned that day.

Please send a positive message to all your fans and invite them to participate in the McDonald‘s contest

A special shout out to all my fans, to all the McDonald’s fans who support me, and also to McDonald’s. Sign up for the #MyMcDonaldsFanContest contest on Twitter. Be creative and fun. Have fun, and thanks for the support.

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