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Raven-Symoné credits wife Miranda Pearman-Maday and scary medical results to her weight loss

The former Cheetah Girl said she follows a low-carb diet

After scary medical results, Raven-Symoné, with the help of her wife Miranda Pearman-Maday, could achieve a healthier version of herself. “This was because we want to have a life together,” Raven-Symoné told to E! News, adding that the ”horrendous numbers” sparked the change.

“I want to make sure I am there for her in the best health possible,” she added.


Symoné revealed on an Instagram Live session that she was “28 lbs. down” and has ”a whole different face going on.”

“You’re incredible, honey. You’re doing so good,” Pearman-Maday said in the background.

The former Cheetah Girl previously said on Good Morning America that she follows a low-carb diet and has “a minimum of a 14-hour fast between dinner and breakfast.”

“I’m not over here trying to be a little twig,” she said, later adding, “I want to make sure that my body is healthy and prepared to deal with old age.”

Fans congratulated the star for choosing health first. “Raven im so proud of all your hard work keep it up .congrats on the pounds down you’re amazing,” a fan wrote, while another added: “You’re doing an awesome job on your health journey, it’s inspiring to see. As someone who has always struggled with weight and health, it’s extremely difficult to get the pounds off and keep them off. I’m currently working on getting healthier and cutting certain things out of my life, like stress and sugar. It’s been interesting to make myself actually take care of myself for a change, I’ve always been that person that takes care of everyone else and put myself last. Keep at it! Also, thank you for keeping us up to date on your journey. You guys are awesome!”

The singer and actress just celebrated her first wedding anniversary, and to commemorate the date, she took social media to share a special message to her wife. “You have done something to me that I thought wasn’t possible,” she started. “You’ve made me smile,” she continued. “Not the one where I know people are watching or because I’m a girl and I need to. No, babe, the smile comes when my hurt brain tries to take over, and then I see your face. A smile that reminds me everything is gonna be ok now.”

“Our path together will be and has been covered in ice, but walking with you by my side, each step we take together melts it and my heart,” Symoné said. “I love you MVPM, you da plug, the snatcher, the writer, the lover, the mistress, the chef, the brain, the smuggler, the friend, the front and side chick, but most importantly your [sic] my wife.”

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