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Paulina Rubio celebrated her 50th birthday with friends and family at a lavish party in Miami

HOLA! USA was the only media that had access to the celebration of ‘La Chica Dorada’ and she reflected on her solar return in this exclusive piece

Turning 50 is a milestone those lucky will get to experience in life, and Paulina Rubio is now a part of that special club. With a music career spanning almost 40 years, ‘La Chica Dorada’ has a lot to celebrate, she gained superstar recognition around the world and is an icon of Spanish-language music. The Mexican singer has reinvented herself over the years, never limiting herself to pop, and has successfully crossed genres, with versatile rhythms in norteño, reggaeton, and cumbia.

Paulina Rubio Exclusive HOLA! USA©Hola
Paulina Rubio looked stunning at her birthday party in a Michael Costello dress.

Upon her arrival to the so-called ‘fifth floor’, the singer had an amazing celebration surrounded by love ones, such as her mother, Mrs. Susana Dosamantes, her brother Enrique Rubio, and her two little ones, Andrea Nicolas and Eros.

Paulina Rubio and her children on her birthday©Paulina Rubio Exclusiva HOLA! USA
Paulina Rubio celebrating her birthday with the loves of her life: Andrea Nicolás and Eros

HOLA! USA had exclusive access to Rubio‘s celebration held at the theater of the renowned Faena Hotel in Miami Beach. The party was surrounded by glamour, sparkles, and electric tones, all very characteristic of the singer’s iconic style. In addition to the spectacular decorations, there was a five-tiered cake with a big “P” on top that served as the centerpiece for the merriment and they sang songs in honor of the celebration.

Paulina Rubio and her mom©Paulina Rubio Exclusiva HOLA! USA
Paulina Rubio with her greatest strength, her mother, Susana Dosamantes

Among the attendees were some of her greatest friends like presenter Oscar Madrazo, designer Michael Costello,Beatriz Pasquel,Jeanette Longoria, producer Pedro Torres, Claudia Zacarias, Trista Rullan, among others.

Paulina Rubio and her kids at her birthday©Paulina Rubio Exclusiva HOLA! USA
Eugenio López, Paulina Rubio, Enrique Rubio, Trista Rullan y Oscar Madrazo

‘La Chica Dorada’ enjoyed her celebration to the fullest and exclusively told us how she felt about the night. She said the moment that brought her the most joy was, “Seeing my children dance with my mother. Although it was an intimate celebration, I was surrounded by my family and my best friends.”

Reflecting on how she feels about turning half a century old, Rubio shared some touching words, “I feel lucky, fulfilled, and inspired by my two children. Every day is action and an adventure with them. I’m ready for the next 50.”

Susana Dosamantes, Liliana Sada, Beatriz Pasquel, Jeanette Longoria con Paulina Rubio©Exclusiva Paulina Rubio HOLA! USA
Susana Dosamantes, Liliana Sada, Beatriz Pasquel, Jeanette Longoria con Paulina Rubio

We discussed the wisdom Paulina has acquired over the years; success stories, adventures, personal and family challenges, among others. When asked what advice she would give to the younger Paulina, the singer was very clear, “That all her dreams will come true.”

After a year of pandemic and tremendous challenges, now it was Paulina‘s turn to celebrate, and we asked her what she was most grateful for at this moment in her life, to which she replied: ”I am grateful to see my children and my mother in good health and to have an audience and friends who love me as much as I love them. I feel very blessed.”

Paulina Rubio cumple 50©Custom
‘La Chica Dorada’ celebró en grande sus 50 años

But the celebration doesn‘t end here, as always Paulina is preparing to continue triumphing. “I am very excited about the release of my new single. I have a movie to direct. I hope it will be a documentary about my story because I am passionate about music and film. I’m doing collaborations that always change my musical DNA.”

With all the experiences she’s had, we ask: if Paulina’s life were a movie, with all that she has lived, what genre would it be and what title would it carry? ”It would definitely be a family musical and it would be called ‘Y Yo Sigo Aquí.’”

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