Kobe Bryant aka “the best girl dad”
#1 Dad

Vanessa Bryant and her daughter Natalia lovingly honored Kobe this Father’s Day

Vanessa referred to Kobe as “the best girl dad”

Vanessa Bryant and her daughter Natalia both honored their beloved Kobe Bryant on Father’s Day with special Instagram posts. Both mother and daughter, posted the cutest photos of Kobe with the sweetest captions.

This Sunday, Vanessa shared a photo of her late husband with their four daughters Natalia, Gianna, Bianka and Capri. The IG post, which got over 2 million likes as of now, read: “To the best girl dad~ Happy Father’s Day, Papi. “We love you forever and always, always and forever. Love you always, Nani, Gigi, B.B, Koko and VB.”

Meanwhile, Kobe’s daughter, Natalia, who recently paid a tribute to her dad after graduating, shared a very cute and nostalgic photo of her with her dad. The photo shows Natalia when she was little toddler on a swing, with her dad standing by her side. Under it, she wrote: “Happy Father’s Day! I love you Dad”

In the U.S. Father’s Day is celebrated on the 3rd Sunday of June and every year on that day, many people including our favorite celebrities, post tributes to their dads. Read about other celebs that shared their love and respect for their super dads on social media: CELEBRITIES HONOR THE AMAZING DADS IN THEIR LIVES DURING FATHER’S DAY