Shannon De Lima
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Shannon De Lima shares her amazing hair secrets in this exclusive interview

From embarrassing hair stories, to her go to products, find out all about Shannon De Lima’s hair secrets

Shannon De Lima has many beautiful qualities about her, one of them is course, her amazing hair. Have you ever wondered how she keeps her hair so silky smooth or what her go to products are? Read all of De Lima’s hair secrets in this exclusive interview with HOLA! USA below.

Shannon De Lima©Armandeus Brickell
Shannon De Lima

Hair can be such a personal thing, especially for girls growing up who don‘t like the texture, color, or the way their parents cut it. What was your relationship with your hair growing up?

Oh well, I believe that as any other girl, my relationship with hairbrush wasn’t the best one 🤣 but my mom always did her best to keep my hair on point with a ponytail or with braids for school. When I became a teenager, I wanted to change the color of my hair but obviously, my mother’s answer was: ‘you’re too young for that’ and I experienced all kinds of haircuts, I had it short just like Dora the Explorer and as long as Rapunzel but afterward, I discovered that hair is my favorite accessory. It gives us women self-confidence and personality.

Venezuelan and South American women are always praised for their beautiful hair. Are there any hair secrets or “Abuelita beauty hacks” you learned that you can share?

I consider that all women have a love-hate relationship with our hair color, texture, and volume since the ones that have it straight want it curly and vice versa until we learn to love it. In my case, of course, I have plenty of secrets to keep my hair healthy; from brushing it carefully every night like the princesses of fairy tales (believe me, this works and makes a difference in my hair), cut it every new moon (every 3 months) and spoil it with hair treatments at your favorite hair salon once a month. I go to Armandeus Brickell and they usually put me on a special treatment called Infusion by the brand Truss.

Shannon De Lima©Armandeus Brickell
Shannon De Lima

What hair products do you swear by at home?

I love trying different products to see which ones fit me best because there is always a new product on the market.However, I’ve got thin hair and I discovered my favorite products that I’m literally married to. For example, my favorite shampoo is called Roze and I love it because it leaves my hair clean at the first wash and it gives more volume. When I dry my hair, in order to maintain such volume, I use a wax powder called Truss -OMG I love it- and I put a few drops of Olaplex No. 7.

When you have to travel light what‘s the one hair product you know you have to bring with you?

Girls, you would agree that using the right shampoo is key so I take mine everywhere (Roze) and my Olaplex No. 7 drops.

I discovered that hair is my favorite accessory. It gives us women self-confidence and personality. (De Lima)

When your hair is starting to feel the effects of heat or color what do you do to keep it silky and voluminous?

Ok, something important for this kind of question is: the relationship you’ve got with your hairstylist. What I’m saying is that whenever you find a stylist that you consider perfect for you, keep him and be loyal to him as he’s the one who will be taking proper care of your hair color and texture. I’ve been loyal to my hairstylist for 7 years now, his name is Enrique Guzman (@eguzmann on Instagram) and one of the questions that people constantly ask me is who does my hair.

Shannon De Lima©Armandeus Brickell
Shannon De Lima and her stylist Enrique Guzman and Mauricio Mejia

Do you have any “hair rituals?”

I don’t know if these things happen to you when you buy a hair mask and you use it once and afterwards you forget you still have it on? Well, there is one that is called Night Spa of the brand Truss that I’m in love with because I can leave it all night and then rinse it the morning after. It leaves the hair beautiful!

Do you have a funny bad hair story you‘d like to share?

If I could share a funny story it would be the time that I used coconut oil on my hair. It is true that coconut oil has a lot of benefits but you have to know when to use it and where. It happened to me once that I read that coconut oil is excellent for the hair and I put it on my split ends and that day I went to the beach to tan a little bit and when I realized my ends were dry, I wanted to die - please do not try this!

What‘s the craziest haircut you would get if you could change it back right after?

It happens to me that when I see someone with a Bob style I’m like: “should I try it?” But I love how my hair looks right now that I don’t know, I don’t think I would have the courage to have that extreme makeover. I will see if I do an Instagram poll to ask my followers for their opinion. Would they like to see me with Bob Style? Anyways, this was fun! Thank you for the interview, I‘m glad to help other girls by sharing my hair secrets.