Jessica Simpson posing in front of Amazon sign
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Jessica Simpson gets emotional after landing a multimedia deal with Amazon

The best selling memoir includes some heavy topics like trauma, her sobriety, and divorce.

Jessica Simpson is going back to television! The singer announced Wednesday that she signed a multimedia partnership with Amazon Studios that includes both a new unscripted docuseries and a new scripted series based on her bestselling memoir Open Book. But that’s not all, Simpson will also publish two new original essays through Amazon Original Stories, an imprint of Amazon Publishing.

The unscripted project is a multi-part docuseries that will include never-before-seen personal footage shot over the last decade. Per Variety, it will “explore the highs and lows of Simpson’s life, including her singing career, her journey to sobriety, starting a family, the rise of creating a billion-dollar business and finding her voice.” The series will launch on Amazon Prime Video.

The fictionalized drama series will be inspired by her memoir and center around her mid-twenties, following her divorce, and her journey to find out who she really is. Per Buzzfeed, the New York Times #1 bestseller included sensitive topics like turning to drugs and alcohol after being sexually abused by a family friend as a child. As well her marriage to ex-husband Nick Lachey, and what went on behind the scenes of their reality TV show The Newlyweds.

Simpson’s personal essays are slated to be released in 2021. The first essay will focus on motherhood, while the second will focus on gratitude. They will be available free to Prime Members and Kindle Unlimited subscribers in digital and audio formats. If you love audiobooks, you can hear Simpson’s sweet voice narrate the audio editions.

Simpson made a statement on her Instagram and said she was honored. “I am humbled and honored to partner with Amazon Studios to bring my story and heart to life on the screen,” Simpson said. “I am a huge TV fan and many of my favorite shows live on Amazon, so the gift of this unprecedented collaboration is a dream for me. From our first meeting I had a visceral connection to every member of this team. I know that parts of my life have been extraordinary, but I also know that many of my struggles are universal. I hope to continue the mission I set out to accomplish in writing ‘Open Book’ — to inspire others to be entertained, moved, and empowered to walk through fear and come out on the other side even stronger.”

Amazon Studio’s shared the same gratitude. “We’re thrilled to welcome Jessica to the Amazon family,” said Vernon Sanders, co-head of television for Amazon Studios. “Jessica has a fascinating, emotional story, not just of celebrity and success, but with relatable, all-too-human problems so many of us encounter with love, family, and life. ‘Open Book’ was a phenomenon, and we’re so excited to bring it to life on Prime Video and IMDb TV, and for Amazon Original Stories readers to have the chance to hear more from Jessica in her own words.”