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Jennifer Lopez looked chic and stylish while shopping at a Dior store

The singer was seen doing some Christmas shopping while in NYC.

Celebrities seem to be scurrying around doing last-minute holiday shopping, as is the rest of us. Jennifer Lopez was seen solo in New York City earlier this week doing just that. Of course, this type of Christmas shopping took place in some very expensive stores.

Jennifer Lopez in NYC©GrosbyGroup
Jennifer Lopez looked stylish yet warm in NYC earlier this week.

On Tuesday, the “Jenny from the Block” singer was seen strolling Manhattan looking through store windows such as Dior and Hermès before popping into them. The triple threat looked as fashionable as always dressed warm but chic to brace the cold New York temperatures.

Jennifer Lopez style©GrosbyGroup
Jennifer Lopez looked at store windows before going in to shop.

Lopez was dressed in a black turtleneck paired with shiny black leggings, black snow boots, and a long beige wool coat over it. Her hair was pulled back in a sleek bun and she wore yellow sunglasses and a black mask over her face.

JLO was photographed pointing at the windows of stores before heading into them. She seemed to gravitate towards the Dior store and once inside, Lopez was looking around and picking up different handbags. After leaving the store, Lopez was seen checking her phone before heading into a car and driving away.

Jennifer Lopez shopping©GrosbyGroup
Jennifer Lopez checking out a Dior bag.

When JLO isn’t shopping, she’s at home cuddling with her “coconuts” as she calls them. Last week, Lopez shared a sweet photo that captured the moment of her 12-year-old twins, Emme and Max both sitting on their famous mom’s lap. The singer was makeup-free and hugging her kids tight. She captioned the photo, “I love that they still want to sit on mama’s lap! Happy Saturday 🤗 #Coconuts 🤍🤍.”

And when JLO isn’t shopping or cuddling her twins, she’s giving advice to TikTok stars such as Charlie D‘Amelio. The “Hustlers” actress and her fiance Alex Rodriguez had a heart-to-heart with the TikTok star recently. “I saw J.Lo and A-Rod not that long ago and I thought that it was an intervention,“ D’Amelio told Entertainment Tonight. ”I thought that they had planned this because it was just my mom and dad, and J.Lo and A-Rod.”

“They were just like, ‘Yeah, you just can’t be caught up in what’s going on that’s wrong ... you really need to push forward,’” she said. ”I was like, ’Who set this up?’ Because I was in such a bad place for such a long time, letting everything that anyone said just bring me down. After it was over I was like, ’Okay, but like seriously, who planned this?’ Like, this could not have been a [better time],” the TikTok star continued.

This chat with the famous couple came on the tail ends of D‘Amelio and her sister receiving backlash for how they behaved in a recent YouTube video.

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