Harry Styles has shared a new video for ‘Golden’
Shirtless Styles!

Harry Styles has fans gushing after releasing music video for “Golden”

The singer wants to “cheer people up” with the video.

Harry Styles had fans gushing Tuesday after releasing the music video for his song “Golden.” The video was directed by Ben and Gabe Turner and was shot against the Amalfi Coast in Italy. The video storyline is relatively simple (and debatably not existent) and features close-up shots of Styles driving a cool car.

Styles also does quite a bit of running in a low buttoned billowy white long sleeve shirt and a mint blazer. One fan tweeted, “Can‘t believe a three and a half minute video of Harry Styles running reminded me that life is beautiful. But also yes I can.” Styles also goes swimming shirtless in some beautiful tide pools. Fans were pleased to see Styles show off his style and abs. The video was shot during quarantine and aside from a couple of passerby‘s- it’s a one-man show.

Harry Styles releases new music video for song ‘Golden’©Sony Music

Watch the new video!

Fans were anticipating the videos announcement for weeks after Styles was spotted filming in Italy. After the teaser was released on Monday Style’s followers took their excitement to Twitter to gush about what they saw.

One fan tweeted, “Someone come slap me please, I’m literally shedding tears because of the way his hair is bouncing when he’s running, WTF IS WRONG WITH ME.” After the video was released the numbers proved it was simple yet successful. The video had almost half a million views on YouTube in under an hour. It is currently #1 on Trending and was viewed over 9 million times in the first 9 hours.

Harry Styles has shared a new video for ‘Golden’©Credit: Sony Music

Admirers praised the video on Twitter and thanked Styles for bringing some light into their lives. “The world feels so dark and heavy these days. It‘s easy to forget how to just let everything go and have fun. Thank you @Harry_Styles for bringing some #Golden light back. Hope to see you back on stage soon and maybe we can give some of that light back to you too.”

Another devoted fan wrote, “golden isn’t just a song, it’s a cultural reset, it’s the oxygen you breathe, it’s a lifestyle, a reason to breathe, an escape from this cruel world, it’s art, the first gift you open on christmas, a hug from a loved one, everything you’ve ever wanted. ”

“Golden” is the follow-up single to Styles recent releases, “Watermelon Sugar” and “Adore You.” The tracks are all featured on his Platinum-certified album Fine Line, which debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200. Rolling Stone recently named it one of the top 500 albums of all time. According to Capital FM, Styles told AP Entertainment, “[Golden] is one of the first songs when I was making the album and it’s always been a source of joy for me.” He continued, “And I wanted to make a video that encapsulated that. I’d like to think it will maybe cheer a couple of people up. Cheered me up.”

The singer also made headlines when it was announced that he will be making plans to headline his own arena. Styles is one of the investors in a $457 million new concert venue in Manchester, England, called ‘Co-op Live’. It is hope to be the UK’s largest arena. “As long as everything’s in order by 2023, hopefully they’ll let me play there. If I haven’t messed it up yet,” Styles said, smiling.

He is currently nominated for the 2020 American Music Awards Favorite Pop/Rock album. He is nominated alongside Taylor Swiftand her album “folklore” and with The Weeknds album “After Hours.” The awards will air on November 22, 2020, at 7:00 PM EST on ABC.

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