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Gloria Estefan shares the emotional coming out story of her daughter in new ‘Red Table Talk’ series

The famous family is to be ready to share the emotional situation and want to make it an important moment for the audience in the first episode of the Facebook Watch series.

Gloria Estefan is launching a new spin-off version of Red Table Talk and wants to start the conversation with the story of her daughter Emily Estefan and her coming out experience in the upcoming episode of the Facebook Watch series.

The legendary star is ready to dive into the necessary uncomfortable conversation within the Latin community, tackling the not often talked about topic of sexuality and queerness, in hopes of broaden up the viewers perspectives.

Estefan teased the new episode of the series during her appearance in The Talk on Tuesday, revealing that her daughter “came out three years ago” adding that “no one knows because we really never had the reason or opportunity to talk about how we dealt with it as a family.”

The famous family seem to be ready to share the emotional situation and want to make it an important moment for the audience, as they “share so much of our personal lives and private lives through” social media, also making it the perfect opportunity to use their large platforms “in a good way, a healing way.”

The original Red Table Talk is hosted by Jada Pinkett Smith and has been a major success, causing controversy with the famous guest appearances and creating the perfect environment for topics that would be considered taboo, including the most important episode that went viral involving Will Smith and the “entanglement” in Jada’s relationship.

Gloria also highlights the importance of this space and confessed “some people are going through these types of things,” in reference to the Latin community and the spectrum of sexuality.

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