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Keke Palmer opens up about her moving plea to the National Guard during protest

The TV personality asks the members of the National Guard to ‘march with us’ during the BLM movement

Keke Palmer was one of the many celebrities that joined the march for equality and civil rights in the wake of George Floyd’s death. The Strahan, Sarah and Keke co-host joined Good Morning America on Wednesday to discuss exactly what happened during the Hollywood protest the day before. “I wanted to just bring as much awareness as we all can to the injustices that are going on in America,” she told GMA co-anchor Robin Roberts. “Being there with everyone, we were all just so inspired and empowered I think is the word.”

Keke Palmer urges cops to march with her©@keke
Keke Palmer asked the members of National Guard to “March with us”

During the Tuesday protest, the Hustlers actress had a peaceful request to members of the National Guard who were positioned nearby. “Let the revolution be televised,” she said. “March beside us and show us that you’re here for us. Stand together with the community, with society to stop the governmental oppression, period. We need you.”

Keke and other protesters in the crowd begged for unity and continued touting the soldiers, “March beside us and show us that you are here with us.” Her plea to have them join the march was initially met with refusal as the officer explained he couldn’t leave his post. He then said he would walk part of the way. After a back and forth dialogue, he and other members took a knee to show their support for their right to protest.

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The 26-year-old’s act of solidarity sends a heavier message to everyone fighting the current systemic racism of US. In other cities, like Coral Gables and Flint, Michigan, many cops joined the protest by kneeling in prayer and marching alongside the citizens.

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