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Seeking justice

Michelle Obama, Salma Hayek and more stars’ moving messages after George Floyd’s death and ongoing protests

Celebrities are demanding justice to the brutal death of a Minneapolis man

Celebrities like Michelle Obama, Zoe Saldana, Salma Hayekand millions around the world are demanding justice for George Floyd, a black Minneapolis man who was killed after a police officer held him down with his knee on his neck. In the released recorded video, George was heard saying in his last moments, “I can’t breathe,” as officer Derek Chauvin did not let up ultimately killing the 46-year-old man. Derek and the three other officers were fired and he was arrested and charged a few days after the May 25th death for third-degree murder and manslaughter.

Since George’s death, protests have been happening around the country and even in other international cities such as London and Berlin to demand further justice. The other officers involved have yet to be charged. Eva Longoria posted an image on social media with the caption, “My heart hurts every time I read the news! When will this stop?? Please help our country regain its humanity! We are all humans who deserve to be protected.” The Desperate Housewives actress calls for action to fight for justice for the endless racial discrimination and abuse of the nation.

Cardi B also joins the conversation with her fans and expressed her concern with a thoughtful message, “Enough is enough! What will it take? A civil war? A new president? Violent riots? It’s tired! I’m tired! The country is tired! You don’t put fear in people when you do this you just show how coward YOU ARE! And how America is really not the land of the free!”

JLo used the powerful words of Martin Luther King Jr. to make a statement. “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character...” She then went on to say, “My beautiful friends... This is a matter of humanity!!! Of goodness and basic human kindness and decency!!! My heart is breaking. So many people are hurting right now.”

Keep scrolling to see how stars like Michelle Obama, Demi Lovato, Jay-Z and more are using their platforms to encourage and inspire others to make a difference for the better and recommend organizations worth donating to in support of #BlackLivesMatter.

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@mngovernor #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd

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Text "FLOYD" to 55156 #blacklivesmatter

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STILL!!!! 🤬😢😤

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Enraged. Sickened. Heartbroken. But never surprised. This happens way too often - and the videos that go viral are not isolated events. It seems that only when caught on camera are bigots & MURDERERS even getting “investigated” or fired .. unfortunately, the only way things will start changing is if all these racist, ignorant, monsters (badge &/or not) have to face the consequences- behind bars. && it’s not only an issue with black men being killed by cops ... it’s an issue every time we see them being treated, in even non-violent situations, VERY CLEARLY differently than many very-high-risk incidents involving white men; it’s an issue that the President is making dangerous public statements about enforcing the shooting of protesters -rightfully angered by another UNNEEDED KILLING of another black person & DEMANDING JUSTICE WHERE IT IS 100% NEEDED- while exactly 28 days earlier, he tweeted about white protesters, who stood ARMED WITH GUNS protesting a WORLDWIDE HEALTH PANDEMIC as “very good people” urging the Governor to “See them, talk to them, make a deal.” ?????????? This is, too, an issue about the “Karen’s” we see filmed weekly- using someone’s race, as a point to try and push their agenda, while calling the police in situations where their lives are clearly not actually in danger at all..... they’re just plain f***ing racist. EVERY. TIME. feels more disheartening and nauseating because our cries for the Government and Americans to do better seem unheard; but even when we feel like what we do isn’t enough or can’t help, we have to do more. Keep signing petitions, making calls to demand justice, speaking out (this is not just if you have a big platform- it starts in your homes and communities), and fighting to make a difference for every life that has been wrongly taken or effected by THE PANDEMIC OF RACISM. THIS IS ABOUT BEING AGAINST EVERY SENSELESS ACT OF DISCRIMINATION THAT BURDENS THIS COUNTRY.

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We believe

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#georgefloyd RIP 🙏🏽❤️

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