Cardi B shows off impressive gifts for Mother's Day

Cardi B’s daughter Kulture is not impressed with mom’s mega-expensive Mother’s Day gift

The ‘Bodak Yellow’ singer had ‘the best day’ over the weekend filled with impressive gifts

What a day to remember - Cardi B had the most wonderful Mother’s Day ever! The Dominican singer received endless boxes of roses and not one but two Jane Birkin handbags to celebrate being Kulture’s mom. However, the little one was not impressed and found a better use for mommy’s presents...

Cardi B, Offset and daughter Kulture©iamcardib
Offset surprised Cardi with amazing Mother’s Day gifts

Dressed in a black tracksuit, the one-year-old helped mom to open her presents - the most expensive bags in the world ranging from $40,000 to $500,000 - and not only that, she also found a new use for the incredible display of flowers in the living room, they made the perfect bed for her favorite doll!

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In the footage, we can see the little one placing her doll on top of the bouquets and even climbing on them, luckily Cardi was there to stop her and make sure the beautiful roses were not destroyed. The 27-year-old received the romantic gift from husband Offset, “Thank you papasote,” said the lucky girl.

To end her day, the Bodak Yellow hitmaker shared the cutest video with Kulture in her arms, “I’m so happy I’m your mommi, I’ll be mentally practicing the talks and discipline I’ll give you when you get older. I hope I make you proud,” she wrote alongside the footage, in which Kulture lovingly rests her little head on mom’s chest and says “mama” with adoration. We literally can’t take it, aww...

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