Lately we've been seeing more Latinx inclusion in Hollywood. Gina Rodriguez's latest flick Miss Bala featured a predominantly Latinx cast with her as the protagonist and Eva Longoria is taking her on-screen talents behind the camera to direct two feature-length films this year. Still, according to a recent study conducted at the University of Southern California, there's room for more improvement. The study showed that across the 100 top grossing movies from 2007-2018, only three percent of films featured leads or co leads with Latinx actors. Naturally, the Latina powerhouses of the industry are speaking out. 


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A new study shows that the Latinx community is still underrepresented in Hollywood

America Ferrera posted the study on her social media along with a message. "Here’s the point: It’s easier to accept the mistreatment and dehumanization of Latinx people when they are invisible in our culture," she wrote. "Hollywood, take responsibility for the stories you reinforce & perpetuate.The numbers are even worse for behind-the-camera roles." The study did in fact show that Latinx producers and casting executives only made up three percent across a sample of 1,200 films.  

She continued: "And when they actually are on screen they are shown as criminals 25% of the time, as poor and low-income 17% of the time, as isolated from their own community, and rarely in high powered occupations."

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The Desperate Housewives alum also spoke out on her social media. "Latinas are leading as grassroots organizers, in politics, business & many other fields, yet Hollywood fails to see our talent & potential," her message read. "Only 1 Latina directed a top film over 12 years & 1,200 movies. Studios, why are you erasing Latinas? Newsflash: having 1 or 2 film productions focusing on the Latinx community isn’t enough. We demand more." The Jane the Virgin actress chimed in and reposted the study on her stories.

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Across the 100 top grossing movies from 2007-2018, only three percent of films featured leads or co leads with Latinx actors

Benjamin Lopez, the Executive Director of National Association of Latino Independent Producers, echoed this sentiment. “The Latino community has not been prioritized, and it is imperative that we shed light on the glaring reality of Latino representation in film.”  

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