How Diane Guerrero wants to affect change through her work

The actress hopes to bring about positive change with the Latinx community and beyond

Diane Guerrero is a ‘jane’ of all trades. She can write an emotionally compelling and poignant book that will tug at your heart with her critically acclaimed In the Country We Love: My Family Divided. She can make you feel some type of way with her portrayal of Marizta in the final season of Orange Is The New Black and Crazy Jane in Doom Patrol. She can also make you feel fired up with her activism on issues the Latinx community is experiencing, while also reminding our hermanos y hermanas that they “are not alone.” In an interview with A Book Of, the actress shares how she hopes to open up various conversations (even incur change) surrounding the Latinx culture and mental health through her work. 


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The actress shares, “I wish to open doors for others like me who burns with passion to share stories that create positive change”

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When asked about her role of Marizta on OITNB, the author shares that she was incredibly proud of the work and storytelling that took place. She shared, “We see in this final season a very real depiction of what is going on in immigration detention centers all over our nation. That being said, it’s a fraction of the atrocities. Orange has always done such a beautiful job of speaking out on social issues affecting our country and I am honored to have taken part in this story.” She hopes that the work will bring two key messages to light: that we are a nation of immigrants and that we, as a nation, must recognize when we are “wrong.”

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With the character of Crazy Jane on her show Doom Patrol, Diane aims to help with the destigmatization of mental health issues. “I’ve always wanted to play a superhero - especially one as complicated as Jane. She has Split Personality disorder with 64 personalities and 64 superpowers to match. She is a powerful one,” shared the actress. She continued, “I’ve gotten a chance to explore the human psyche through this character and it is the most fascinating and freeing experience I’ve ever had. I especially think about how mental health affects us all.” The actress feels that all characters come into her life for a reason and that is for her to become a better “more informed person.” By bringing her diverse works to life, she deepens her desire to continue pursuing projects that will open doors for others to do the same.

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