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Kim and Kanye's newest revolution: the housing market

Kimye wants to bring their flair to the real estate market

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have a keen eye for home design. When they purchased their current Calabasas home, the power couple remodeled and decorated the home to their liking. Now, Kanye is showing that his love for design and architecture goes beyond his own home and is planning on building a futuristic-looking residential complex in his current neighborhood.

The complex is expected to be made up of round dome-like structures, and it is with this idea that Kanye hopes to revolutionize the world of architecture and real estate. Want to learn more? Check out the video below:

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Kim, who revealed a passion for social justice and law this year, is standing by her husband in this new venture and together they hope to make the homes accesible to people of varied incomes in order to degentrify their upscale neighborhood. In order to complete this project Kanye announced that he will open an architecture studio and revealed that several of his former collaborators are already working on the home designs. 

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Let’s not forget that in January 2019 the singer and producer began revolutionizing church services with his star-studded Sunday services, and that entrepreneur is just one his many titles. The well-known star is the owner of DONDA creative agency, which is focused on simple and minimalistic concepts (similiar to that of his home). He is also co-owner of the music streaming service Tidal, owner of Good Music records, and of course, has his very well known Yeezy Adidas collection. What's next Kanye?!

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