Chris Hemsoworth taking a break from Hollywood

The moment we have all been dreading is finally happening. Chris Hemsworth is taking a break from acting. The 35-year-old has graced the big screen with (and without) shirts for the last decade, and now – he’s decided to take a break. The reason, family. “This year I probably won’t shoot anything,” the Men in Black: International star told Australia’s Daily Telegraph. “I just want to be at home now with my kids.” The Avengers: Endgame star shares twins Tristan and Sasha, five, and seven-year-old India Rose with wife Elsa Pataky.

Chris Hemsworth revealed that he is taking time away from acting to be with his family Photo: @elsapatakyconfidential 

They are at a very important age. They are still young, and they are aware when I leave more than before.” He continued: “I have this year where I’m probably not going to shoot anything. I have a press time, a few endorsements and bits and pieces, but mostly just be home.” Chris’ time off will give him time to “sit back and enjoy” being with his family.

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“If you went back ten years and asked me what my dream scenario would be, this is kind of it.” Time with his family is one thing that he and his wife, who is a fellow actress, have had to sacrifice. In 2017, the 12 Strong star shared how the Spanish actress has put her career on hold to benefit his. “My wife and I fell in love, had kids, didn’t really see each other for a few years, then fell back in love,” he shared with GQ Australia.

The Thor star and his wife Elsa Pataky are raising three children in Australia Photo: @elsapatakyconfidential 

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“In terms of work, she’s certainly given up more than I have. She’d like me to step back and be at home with the kids more, and of course, I want that too. But I feel like I’m at this crucial point in my career – I’ve just got to set up for longevity or I’ll slip off.”

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