There's no turning back. Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods will no longer have the close, years-long friendship they once had. Their BFFs status became broken after Jordyn was caught at a party being overly affectionate with Khloé Kardashian's ex-partner and father of her daughter, True, Tristan Thompson. While the girls are still in contact, the final proof that things will not be the same happened a week ago, when Jordyn returned to Kylie's mansion to pack up her things and move out permanently from the young billionaire’s home.

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According to TMZ, Jordyn once again stepped inside Kylie’s mansion, however, not as a wanted guest. After considering the mansion her home, the 21-year-old left the property last February, when the news broke of the affair with her best friend’s brother--in-law.

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The outlet mentions that everything was planned by some of the Kardashian family members, who felt it was "ridiculous and disrespectful" for Jordyn's belongings to remain inside Kylie's home.

The beauty entrepreneur listened to her family and asked her former best friend to take her things as soon as possible. Jordyn, who says nothing happened between her and Tristan, accepted and finally moved out of the house where Kylie lives with her daughter Stormi. Apparently, the youngest of the Jenner sisters wasn’t home the day Jordyn picked up her belongings.

Khloé KardashianVIEW GALLERY Kylie asked her former BFF to take her things out of her home

News of Tristan and Jordyn being inappropriately close had a great impact over the family. In addition to causing a separation between Khloé and her ex-partner, her sisters supported her as they felt just as betrayed.

Affected by the situation, Khloé found the best consolation in her one-year-old daughter, True. And although she met with Tristan to celebrate their daughter’s first birthday, there seems to be no reconciliation between them.

Khloé KardashianVIEW GALLERY Khloé amits she's not ready to date and wants to focus on her daughter and personal well-being

The youngest of the Kardashians recently admitted she isn’t looking for a new love. "No, right now I'm not seeing anyone and I don’t really want to. I'm in love with my daughter True and I just want to be with her and enjoy every moment we spend together. I know it's a typical response, but I'm working on myself and in my needs, my body, soul and mind. There's another cliché response," she said on the Divorce Sucks podcast.

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Khloé prefers to look forward and forget what hurt her in the past. "The truth is that I am very happy at this moment because I can concentrate on what really matters, and what really matters to me is my daughter," she added.

"I'm not in a hurry when it comes to falling in love again or having a date. I just do not feel like it, but I don’t rule out falling in love again ... The feelings are there and you don’t have to be afraid to express them," she said, happy of being a mother.

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