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In case you’ve always wondered, sí, Gamora does speak Spanish! On Monday, Zoe Saldana, who gives life to the Guardians of the Galaxy character, posted a cute video on her Instagram while on the set of Avengers. In the clip, the actress appears in full costume – green skin, red hair and all, and suddenly she begins to sing a little tune: “Aqui con mi matesito, en el set de Avengers,” she says. Then after a quick pause where she’s taken back surprised by her own character, she jokes, “Gamora speaks Spanish? No lo sabia.”

Zoe confirms Gamora does indeed speak Spanish

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Next to the clip, the Latina Powerhouse, who stars on our April cover, wrote, “What! Espanol…GAMORA?!?” As a fellow Latina in the entertainment industry, Zoe continues to make us proud while representing the Latinx culture. During an exclusive interview for HOLA! USA, the Dominican-Puerto Rican beauty, who is one of the few women and women of color in the Marvel Universe, explained she has pulled her strength from example.


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“We were taught to be our own person,” she noted. “Hearing great stories of people who looked like me—and people who looked like others— would strengthen my belief that I can do and achieve anything I set my heart on.” The 40-year-old has also used her media platform, Bese, to inspire other Latinas looking to get their foot into the industry.

The actress took to Instagram to share a cute video of her character singing a little tune

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Earlier this month, the Avatar actress hosted their second pop-up, Breaking Glass – a speaking event and film series to celebrate Latinx trailblazers breaking cultural boundries. The mom-of three launched the platform in 2018. The platform is all “about reconstructing and recontextualizing narratives around how young people connect to today’s America. It’s about inclusivity and telling the stories that navigate the cultures, identities, and nations that make up this country.” Bravo, Zoe!

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