Camila Cabello

Happy birthday, Camila Cabello! The multi-talented singer, who become one of the hottest pop stars in recent years, rang in her 22nd birthday in style on March 3. The Cuban-American brunette has lots to celebrate, topping the pop charts and scoring Grammy nominations with her first album. It was just over a year ago that Camila unveiled her self-titled debut, boasting major hits like Havana and Never Be the Same, a major kickoff to her solo career after leaving the girl group that launched her into fame, Fifth Harmony. As she turned 22 on Sunday, Camila seemed to be in a thoughtful mood, taking some some time to reflect on what she had experienced as a 21-year-old and shared some lessons she learned during the tour that defined the last year of her life as a soloist and as a star on the rise.

Through several slides on Instagram, the singer talked about love, her family, her passions, and even her views on social media. “Call your family!!! Call your parents, your siblings. Every time I see my little sister, she looks different. She’s an inch taller, she uses words I didn’t know she knew, she listens to songs I didn’t expect her to. Little kids in the family show me how fast time is actually passing, you can see it in them physically. Call your parents. We forget they’re getting older too,” she wrote.

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Among other important themes, the singer emphasized love. “If you haven’t ever been in love, fall in love with your life, find out what makes your heart race, read, travel, learn, listen – and it’ll find you.” On the same note, Cabello advised her followers not to lose their minds for love, she said “relationships are complicated.”

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Camila recently visited Dubai, where she headlined the Redfest DXB 2019 music festival. There, the singer revealed that traveling and performing around the globe has made her feel closer to people, despite any differences in geography or culture. “One of my favorite people Anthony Bourdain once said, ‘it seems that the more places I experience, the bigger I realize the world to be’ - it’s so true, I love the feeling of being humbled by traveling to another place and experiencing a completely different culture, it makes you realize how small your world is in comparison to how big the world actually is, how you’re only living one version in a million of the human experience. But at the same time travel makes you realize we’re not really all that different,” she wrote alongside photos from her stay in the United Arab Emirates.

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