Camila Cabello

Understatement alert! Camila Cabello is not your typical gal. She managed to successfully launch a solo career after leaving girl group, Fifth Harmony, and the future looks nice and bright for the Havana songstress. You can find her rocking her stuff across the US and all around the world, amassing a legion of fans that love to bop to her catchy tunes. But let's not forget: she is still only 21 years old, and for Camila, family comes first.

The little time off that she gets she will usually spend with family and friends in Miami, her hometown. But this sassy Latina has a serious case of wanderlust, because when she's not at the MIA, you will surely find her overseas. No matter where her travels take her, though, Camila makes sure to bring her family along. Check out some of the places this rockstar has been to in recent years.


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