From Oaxaca to the world: Yalitza Aparicio. The young woman, who not even in her dreams ever imagined she’d become an actress, is about to experience one of the most exciting moments in the life of any artist: attend the Oscars. After her outstanding performance in Roma, the film directed by Alfonso Cuarón, the fate of Yalitza took an unexpected turn. From being a humble educator from Tlaxiaco, Oaxaca, she became the pride of her town, earned the affection and admiration of millions, as well as a nomination in the Academy Awards.

Only days away from one of the biggest nights of her life, Yalitza appears on the cover of HOLA! Mexico, and through an intimate interview, shares her excitement of being part of the most important awards ceremony in Hollywood.

Yalitza is breakthaking on her cover of !HOLA! Mexico

The young woman with endearing gaze and a shy smile will never forget that on January 22, 2019, in the early hours of the morning she learned she had been nominated for Best Actress for her touching interpretation of Cleo in Roma. Between emotional cries, Yalitza celebrated this great achievement, a product of her outstanding work. A few weeks after the shock, the young woman from Oaxaca reveals that, if she were to win the Best Actress category, at that moment she would let her heart do the speaking. "I don’t have a prepared speech. Wouldn’t it be better to say something that comes from the heart at that moment?"

Yalitza will be acompanied to the Oscars by her mother

Her popularity continues to increase day by day, in addition to an army of faithful followers who were captivated by her natural charm. But within the world of entertainment not everything is easy, and in recent months Yalitza has had to deal with harsh criticism. Even though she’s been hit with all kinds of comments, it seems they have only had a small effect on her, as today, more than ever, she holds her head up high while representing her country and her indigenous roots. "I've always been proud of what I am and who I am," she confessed in the interview with ¡HOLA! Mexico.

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Her great Oscar night

Next Sunday, February 24 will be an unforgettable day for Yalitza, and as such, she wants to make it special and arrives accompanied by her mother to the Academy Awards.

"I feel very excited because I'm going to see up close what this ceremony entails and (I am) discovering many things along its trajectory," Aparicio told People en Español. The young actress added she has the perfect date for this special evening. She said, "I will go with my mom, I want her to be the person that accompanies me in this wonderful moment, I believe I’ve already won by with being nominated."

If she wins the Oscar, Yalitza will let her heart do the talking 

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In fact, Roma is the way in which Yalitza honors her mother, being that for a long time she was a domestic worker. The long conversations she had with Liboria ('Libo') Rodríguez, Cuarón's nanny, also served her well. "My mom has been a domestic worker for many years, so I had the opportunity to learn a little about her work and in this film I tried to combine what she was like, things she remembered about the way she did her job, and also other things 'Libo' had said, I made that mix to personify the character."

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