Fame brings many benefits, but it also comes with certain challenges, as Yalitza Aparicio has discovered. The Roma actress - who scored an Oscar nomination in the Best Actress category - is considered the woman of the moment, but at the same time she has faced criticism of her work on the big screen and has been the subject of rumors. However, the 25-year-old star, who has risen to fame thanks to her incredible acting, has won over the love and admiration of many of her colleagues, including Diego Luna, who rushed to her defense after hearing negative comments directed at her.


Although he is one of the best-known Mexican actors in the world, Diego has not lost his humility - as was demonstrated when he recognized Aparicio’s work in Roma. “I think Yalitza did an exceptional job, and that’s why she is being recognized, not just in the Oscars,” he said during a chat with Hoy. “At least to me, she played a character that touched me profoundly, and that has to be celebrated,” commented Diego on Yalitza’s portrayal of a live-in housekeeper to a middle-class family in Mexico City in the Seventies.


He also gave his two cents on the speculation of a supposed boycott of the star by a group of actresses planning to petition the Mexican Academy of Cinematography and Sciences, which began circulating on Twitter. “That tweet does not say who the actresses are, it is a bomb that someone threw,” Diego said. “You have to personalize things to understand them, and I wonder if we should even talk about them because it depends on who the actresses are and how many of them there are,” he said. “It’s like someone told me what someone else said and that thing is already distorted,” he pointed out.

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Like Yalitza, Diego has also worked with director Alfonso Cuarón. In 2001 he formed part of the cast of the movie Y Tu Mamá También, in which Luna shared credits with his friend and co-star Gael García Bernal. He indicated that he doesn’t currently have any projects in the works with the renowned Mexican filmmaker. “Right now, I don’t have a project with Alfonso, the only thing I plan to do is to get really drunk after the Oscars to celebrate everything that is happening,” joked the actor. “It is incredible what has happened and the speed with which it has happened, the recognition that various Mexicans in the industry in which I work, the recognition they have achieved outside of Mexico is exceptional, this boom has occurred very quickly,” he said on Hoy.

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In 2011, Diego was recognized with the Ariel Award for Best Original Screenplay, for the film Abel, which he also directed. 

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