It's a fact that Maluma is a talented artist. At just 24 years old, the Colombian singer has already performed with Marc Anthony, collaborated with fellow Colombian artist Shakira, and has proven that he has, without a doubt, the greatest hair in the industry. He couldn't be any more talented, right? Wrong! Maluma just showed the world that he too is an artist. So it's official: Maluma is the man. 

Maluma showed off his painting skills in a new Instagram video

After undergoing knee surgery, Maluma is clearly in good spirits. The singer posted a video to his Instagram showing off a pretty painting he had just finished. "Well, I don't know if you guys knew, but I'm also a huge fan of art," he said while holding a painting of a tree. "Today I made my first painting and I'm going to sign it. I just wanted to show you all the love I have for it. I hope you all like it."

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Since Maluma is currently recovering from his surgery, this new hobby comes at a perfect time. “You know that the surgery is a very important thing,” he told HOLA! USA. “The most important thing is after the surgery. I have to take care of myself and do the exercise.”

His new hobby comes after undergoing knee surgery Photo: Instagram/maluma

And for those of you who worry that Maluma will leave his music career behind to pursure the life of an ar-teest, fret not! "Don't worry, I'm not going to change professions," he joked in the Instagram video. "I'm still going to make music, but for now, this makes me feel better." 

Besides these adorable paintings, expect more music from the Corazón singer in the future. “I’m working out and trying to get better every day,” he shared to HOLA! USA. “I have my projects. I have my next single. I’m going to do an American tour. Now that I’m recovering, I want to be back in the game as soon as possible, because I miss singing and being on stage.”

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