John Legend is already preparing for his 16-month-old daughter’s future dating life

Although it’s a little early, John Legend has already begun thinking about his 16-month-old daughter’s future dating life. John, who welcomed Luna Simone with his wife Chrissy Teigen back in April of 2016, opened up on the topic with PEOPLE. “I start off thinking about the type of person I want her to be,” he said.


John Legend opened up about his daughter's future dating life Photo: Instagram/@johnlegend

The 38-year-old singer continued to say: “If she’s the person she needs to be in life, she’ll attract the right kind of guys and she’ll make the right choices.” Of course, he and his Lip Sync Battle host wife already have formed somewhat of a game plan. “We’re going to just try to make her confident and smart and a good leader and kind and loving, and we feel like if we give her all the tools she needs, she’ll figure out the right person for her.”

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He also insisted that he won’t be that strict of a dad when it comes to those later years of growth: “I’m okay with her making mistakes, too, because that’s part of growing up. I feel like I’ll be patient, and I don’t feel like I’ll be too strict.” John then touched on sexism and equality when it comes to raising a child.

John shares his daughter Luana with wife Chrissy Teigen Photo: Instagram/@johnlegend

“I don’t like the idea of treating our girls differently than we treat our boys,” the All Of Me crooner said, “saying ‘Boys, go out there and have as much sex as you want, do whatever you want’ and then our girls have to be locked in a convent. I don’t believe in that.” He reasonably added: “I just want to equip her to make the best decisions.”

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Of course, in reality Luna is still just a little girl who lives under the watchful eye of her daddy. John recently brought her and his 31-year-old wife on tour with him. “It was my first tour with Luna and that was a lot of fun,” he said. “There were some literally crappy situations, some diaper changes.” John had a changing station installed on his bus for that very reason. “It’s very different from my days on tour with [Kanye West] when we were, like, 25 years old. We’re all dads now. So much has changed.”

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